Mexico back to the Copa Libertadores? This is the return plan

Mexico City /

Absence of Mexican clubs in competitions in CONMEBOL (Liberators’ Cup and South America), could end in 2022 thanks to a plan that elaborates and details Mexican Football Federation (FMF), and that it hopes to be well seen and approved by all equipment owners First divisions.

First, the FMF intends to stay on schedule CONMEBOL, that, unlike almost all competitions, it runs both tournaments from January to December, so Liga MX, should adapt to the data issued by the South American body.

Since CONCACAF requires Femexfut send the best teams to Champions League, the form of classification he intends to send to the teams in all competitions will be as follows:

  • The two champions and the second champion Opening and closing will represent Mexico in Concachampions.
  • If a club repeats itself as champion or runner-up, the seats will be occupied by the teams with the highest scores in the football year.
  • There will be three places for the Copa Libertadores and three more for the Copa Sudamericana.
  • The teams with the highest scores of the football year that do not go to the Concachampions will have the ticket to the Copa Libertadores.
  • The next three with the most points will be those who represent the MX League in the Copa Sudamericana.
  • The other eight teams will participate in the competition which is planned to take place together with MLS.

And to make the tournament more attractive between MX and MLS League, there is planned to be a prize for the champion of two million dollars, as well as 500 thousand dollars for the clubs that qualify in the semifinals.

This plan has already been presented to the clubs in Liga MX And if approved, the return of Mexican teams would be announced in May 2021, so they can compete in the 2022 editions.