Meghan Markle resolves privacy breaches controversies

London. Meghan Markle has settled in a British court a dispute with Splash News And Picture Agency for the violation of privacy, agreeing that the agency will no longer take pictures with her husband, Prince Harry.

Queen Elizabeth II’s 39-year-old daughter-in-law filed a lawsuit in March last year against the agency for snapshots taken in January this year while she was in Canada, her husband and of their son, Archie.

As the court reported on Friday, Markle settled the dispute after the agency agreed that it would not take any more pictures if it came out of its bankruptcy situation.

Jenny Afia, lawyer for Prince Henry’s wife, indicated in a virtual hearing that, on July 1, after the lawsuit was filed, Splash UK went bankrupt.

“In view of the bankruptcy, the parties agreed to settle the dispute against Splash UK. Splash UK executives have pledged that if the company goes bankrupt, Splash UK will no longer take pictures of the Duke and Duchess or their son in the future, “the lawyer said.

At the end of the hearing, a spokesman for the law firm Schillings, the couple’s legal representative, said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had “successfully” settled a legal lawsuit against the “paparazzi” of Splash UK.

“This resolution – he adds – is a clear sign that illegal, invasive and intrusive behavior will not be tolerated and that the couple takes these issues very seriously.”

Earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 19-month-old Archie’s parents, decided to leave the British monarchy to settle in the United States in a case known as “Megaexit”.