Meet Trump and Obama’s favorite songs in 2020!

You will not believe!  These are Trump and Obama's favorite songs

These are Trump and Obama’s favorite songs (Photo: Obama and Trump-Instagram)

This weekend, Barack Obama revealed on Twitter that he received the advice of his daughter Sasha, the family’s “music guru”, to choose his favorite theme from 2020.

The former president of the United States is a fan of hip-hop, and the genre dominates the list, but highlights the inclusion the brunt, a song taken from the first of three albums that Puerto Rican Bad Bunny released this year. It also appears in the 30-track list Nothing, from the Canadian Colombian Lido Pimienta.

Instead, Trump’s favorite music seems to be rock.

Without a doubt, his favorite song would be You can’t always get what you want, from the British group The Rolling Stones, which he used at his 2016 rallies.

According to information from The country, after Donald Trump’s victory in the November 2016 election was made official and after giving his speech at the Hilton Hotel in New York, began to hear this song that The Rolling Stones included on the album Let him bleed 1969.

Donald Trump’s dance that went viral

Trump spent the last full day of the campaign attending five rallies, from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. However, the president became famous among his fans for dancing to the beat YMCA, from the legendary Village People group.

Donald Trump’s campaign has compiled the moments when the president appears dancing during his last YMCA rallies in the background. The president even closed his campaign in Kenosha, Wisconsin, dancing in front of his supporters.

Obama’s favorite books and series

Just a few days ago, Obama shared his list of favorite books and, like last year, included “Desierto Sonoro” by Mexican author Valeria Luselli.

For this year, he collected “Undocumented Americans” by Ecuadorian Karla Cornejo Villavicencio:

“I’ll start by sharing my favorite books this year, deliberately omitting what I think is a pretty good book, ‘A Promised Land,’ from a certain president,” he joked about his own book.

Obama explained that, by the nature of the year, he was forced to stay home, which led him to consume more movies and series in streaming.

“With the blurring of the line between theater and television, we’ve expanded the list to include the visual stories I’ve enjoyed this year, regardless of format,” he said.