Marcus Mariota wins Raiders bonus by completing for injured Derek Carr; that’s how much he did

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers the Las Vegas Raiders
Mark J. Rebilas-SUA TODAY Sports

Not since Nick Papagiorgio – aka Rusty Griswold from “Vegas Vacation” starring Chevy Chase – has taken the storm to Las Vegas and taken advantage of nearly $ 1 million in one night, just as Marcus Mariota In the opening of week 15. On Thursday night, against the Chargers, the Raiders defender was put into action in the first quarter, after the starter Derek Carr suffered a groin injury that removed him for the rest of the game. As the injury happened with three complete quarters of the game, this opened Mariota’s doors not only can she see a significant playing time, but also gain a serious increase in this process.

In the offseason, Mariota signed a two-year, $ 17.6 million contract to join Las Vegas and support Carr. As Field Yates on ESPN points out, there is an incentive for Maritoa’s contact that if she plays more than 60% of the snapshots in any game in 2020, she wins $ 200,000. That payday could have been $ 325,000 if the Raiders had won, but Justin Herbert’s sinking into the goal line extended any chance that that extra $ 125,000 would land in Mariota’s pocket.

You don’t feel too bad for him, although his basic salary for 2021 has now increased by $ 625,000, due to the fact that he played in more than 60% of their offensive catches in this match as well. That means Mariota won about $ 825,000 for her efforts against Los Angeles. Not too shabby for a Thursday night in Vegas.

Despite losing, Mariota was extremely impressive and almost made the Raiders take the victory. Former general election no. 2 completed over 60% of his throws for 226 meters, a touchdown and an interception. He also rushed for an 88-meter game and added another scoring with his feet. Although much could be done about this quick cash draw against Los Angeles after Carr’s injury, this performance could lead to even higher pay if a team that needs a defender this season sees Mariota as a potential starter for them in 2021. At that point, it would be safe to say it’s on a radiator.