Manny Cruz’s wife’s tube is removed

The singer’s wife Manny Cruz already had the tube from which she blew, according to the artist himself.

Yeri, who had to undergo emergency surgery almost a week ago to give birth to her daughter Monserrat, was in a delicate state of health after suffering from coronavirus, a disease that the singer and the other three-year-old son of the couple.

The image of the pneumonia she suffered led her to the intensive care unit, where she was intubated, a process from which she was released today.

The singer made several calls to pray for his wife’s health, which was joined by thousands of followers.

“With immense joy and enormous joy in my heart, I inform you that a few hours ago they removed the tube from my wife Yeri, thanks to the Almighty Lord !!!”, Cruz wrote on his Instagram account.

The baby is in good health, according to the artist himself, he wrote in a previous message, so he hopes that he will soon be home like his mother.