Mandalorian just got the biggest Cameo Star Wars yet

In a series of major connections with the Star Wars universe, the end of Mandalorian’s Season 2 contained probably the largest to date.
Warning: spoilers for Mandalorian are coming, chapter 16. Be careful!Yes, Luke Skywalker has now appeared in The Mandalorian, wielding his green lightsaber and a digitally obsolete face. Credits have confirmed that Mark Hamill has resumed his role as Luke for the cameo, with Max Lloyd Jones being a double body.

The legendary Jedi responded to Grogu’s psychic call and took him to training far from Mando, but never far from our hearts. Grogu may be part of Skywalker’s unfortunate Jedi training academy (perhaps even the reason he started it) – but hopefully it wasn’t yet part of it once Ben Solo joined and … well, we all saw what happened there.

As you might expect, shortly after the episode aired, the capitalized words “LUKE SKYWALKER” began to evolve on Twitter.

The move sparked some debate about the dismantling used to include Hamill, with some saying the effect was not of sufficiently high quality:

There was a long-running fan movement for Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan to take over the role, given his resemblance to a young Mark Hamill – and the words “Sebastian Stan” also started to appear shortly after the episode.

It wasn’t the only revelation at the end of the season – I also found out in a post-credits sequence that Boba Fett’s book will be published in December 2021.

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