Love with her mouth, Sophie Turner is caught in the warmth of the moment with Joe Jonas

It seems that the year 2020 will not cease to surprise us until the last moment, there were all kinds of news, media scandals, achievements and more, and around the famous couple formed by the actress Sophie Turner and the singer Joe Jonas they are not left behind.

Although, after a long relationship full of love and unconditional support, they finally decided to get married in the middle of last year and since then I have seen them very happy, especially now that they share the upbringing of their young child, Willa, however, this is not from which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

It all happened in the summer of 2019 when happy couple the first weeks of marriage, they were just celebrating their honeymoon in a luxurious and exclusive hotel in the paradisiacal Maldives, one of the most pleasant destinations of the biggest celebrities, thanks to its beautiful beaches, sea and exclusive services, until now everything is normal.

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However, as both stars are internationally recognized, they had no absolute peace or privacy there, as we know that paparazzi do everything they can to capture the best unpublished photos of a recognized artist, so they saw with this occasion an excellent opportunity to take some photos that will attract the public’s attention.


So, unfortunately for them, the professionals in the room and the invaders of privacy managed to capture the most intimate moment of the newlyweds, which is why, through web portals, they specialized in so much despised by some artists “international pink press” Some very explicit photos were broadcast in which the protagonist of “Game of Throes” would practice oral s3xo with her partner in a luxurious installation, what content not.

Both Joe and Sophie were so busy for a while that neither of them noticed that, a few feet away, someone was watching them intently, while taking frightening pictures that completely violated the celebrity’s intimacy, only to become viral.

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Although, so far, neither of the two characters has come out to say anything about the images mentioned above, so they suggested that the fact did not bother them at all and continued to enjoy their days on the exclusive and luxurious moon. of honey.

In fact, there was only one occasion when both Turner and Jonas mentioned that they wanted to keep the press a little away, and it is exactly from the last weeks of the actress’ pregnancy, they also shared some photos of the process they went through. together. In that beautiful and tender stage of their life, they are now the same and so far they have not shown at all the face we are sure is a beautiful girl.

Although, if they were seen walking on some quiet streets of the city where they currently live, then the baby needs both care and walks and sunbathing and fresh air to grow up healthy and happy.

So we still do not lose hope that maybe in a few weeks or a few months they will present us in the world their little heiress, about which they showed that it is the total pride of both and we could see them (thanks to the paparazzi themselves) very happy raising the wonderful hand doll.