Lourdes del Río de la Univision is in mourning

Lourdes del Río de la Univision is in mourning

Lourdes del Río.

Photo: Lourdes del Río / Kindness

Year of many tests for Lourdes Del Rio, journalist from “First impact” and Univision News. First he had to go through COVID-19, and now the man he defines as his hero, as one of the greatest loves of his life: his father, has died.

On his Instagram account, Del Río, who has excellent communication with his followers through networks, shared the sad news of his father’s death as a result of COVID-19.

With a series of photos very significant for her, such as her wedding, her father’s visit to Univision and others, the journalist dedicated these words to her on Instagram.

“There is news that we know will inevitably end up in our lives. I received one of these yesterday. With the transparency that characterizes me, I share with you that my adored father, my hero, one of the greatest loves I have ever had in my life, has left this world.

Rafael Antonio Del Río Pérez was a great man and the best of his parents. He was always there in my best and worst moments. I have the satisfaction that he lived proud of me. My old man enjoyed each of my accomplishments as if they were his own. And it was because of the opportunities he and my mother gave me, I became the woman I am today.

A professional photographer and born communicator, my father taught me to love images. An excellent chess player and self-taught par excellence, he always managed to have a pleasant conversation, both with a bricklayer and a lawyer.

Years ago, Alzheimer’s had deprived me of his company and his sharp intelligence, and now Covid is taking him. For those of you who think the coronavirus is not real, think again. The enemy is still present and watching us, we must continue to take care of ourselves.

You know that I try to live my life #EnPositivo and therefore, despite what I feel today, I remind you that pain is part of life, without that point of comparison we could not understand happiness. 🙏🏻

This hole I feel in my soul today will diminish over time, but what I am sure of is that what will never diminish is the great love I feel and will always feel for the being who loves me. he gave life and took me by the hand to live it. Rest, dear Daddy, you had a great life and this is what those of us who love you celebrate today. Rest in peace. 🙏🏻 “.

In July, I told you that Lourdes, which, despite continued reporting, was extremely attentive, tested positive for COVID-19. He had difficult times and softer ones. And, although she did not need to be hospitalized, she was monitored by her doctor.

Today, the same disease he managed to overcome took his father. Rest in peace Rafael Antonio and the resignation of Lourdes and her family.