Lose weight and gain muscle at home: 12 exercises to burn a lot of calories

Recently, a team of researchers from the Faculty of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science at University College Dublin (Ireland) conducted a meta-analysis of the existing scientific literature, published in Obesity Reviews, in order to to evaluate, classify and compare the effectiveness of different exercise interventions on markers associated with obesity.

And while experts have established that any type of exercise intervention is effective for weight loss relative to a control group that does not exercise, the results of their work show that interventions that combine high-intensity aerobic exercise with high-load resistance training have superior beneficial effects to any other form of exercise at decreased abdominal adiposity, improved lean body mass and increased cardiorespiratory fitness.

In this way it is verified that The best approach to achieve consistent weight loss is the combination of cardio and strength training., in addition to what is recommended, for example, by the World Health Organization, which has recently updated its guidelines on physical activity.

Complete body routine for burning fat

So, we share a routine designed by Ruben Garcia, fitness expert and personal trainer, which can be easily completed at home and does not require equipment. In this case, our own body weight helps us to train strength and different muscle groups of the body, and the routine also includes several cardio exercises.

12 exercises to lose weight and gain muscle

  • climbers
  • kneed
  • Unilateral opening
  • Burpees without jump (without flex)
  • Burpee without jump (with push-up)
  • Offset plate
  • The cross shrugged
  • openings
  • Long inverted
  • Lunge + press (both feet)
  • Femoral loop
  • Pull over

Routine dynamics

  • Warm up before you start training
  • Duration of each exercise: 30 seconds
  • Rest between exercises: 10 seconds
  • Number of rounds: 3-4
  • Rest between rounds: 1 or 2 minutes

Although each person is different, researchers at the Irish institution also focused not only on the most appropriate type of weight loss training, but also on the recommended minimum duration. So, They designed a specific plan that included physical sessions of 30 to 60 minutes a day – a maximum of 5 days a week – that lasted at least 8 weeks.

At that time, researchers have already seen consistent results. Of course, the key is always that it is realized adherence to exercises and that training becomes the norm rather than the exception. It is the only way to maintain a healthy weight and get many benefits both physically and mentally.