LIKE WHAT WAS DONE IN 1992 – Beating says government to promote tax reform next year

The administrative minister of the presidency reported that the government intends to promote next year a comprehensive tax reform similar to that sponsored by President Joaquín Balaguer in the early 1990s, specifically in 1992.

Jose Ignacio Paliza He said that it is mandatory to carry out this reform, so that those sectors that do not pay today are formalized, while those that have a lot of weight in their contributions to the economy may have some respite that helps them to be more competitive.

Beat He was confident that this tax reform would help the government have better collectionsbecause it is a smarter way to collect.

The official added that which will help or alleviate the country’s economic difficulties I look forward to next year and the years to come.

He argued that it was a comprehensive reform that could not be imposed, but it must be the product of an extraordinary conversation between all sectors, both public and private.

“We must remember that the last comprehensive tax reform took place in the 1990s, when, as a result of the agreements that President Joaquín Balaguer signed with international organizations, he forced us to carry out a set of reforms not only in the field of fiscal, but also in other areas that stimulated the economy “, explained the former senator, when he was interviewed by Héctor Herrera Cabral on the D´AGENDA program, which is broadcast every Sunday on the Canal 11 Telesistema.

He argued that these reforms led to a climate of significant growth when the Dominican Liberation Party came to power in 1996.

“Well, we need to go back to a reform similar to the one in 1992, in the sense that it is thoughtful, comprehensive, that it is not a patch to cover a possible crisis or to generate a collection for the moment that may be needed, rather, it should be a national project in which we all sit and this is not a shock, but a stimulus “, he motivated.

Minister of Administration of the Presidency acknowledged that in tax reform since the early 1990s, more taxes have been reduced.

“It must be ready, in some cases I increase them, in others I reduce themYou will also have to reinvent them, there are some sectors that have lived with historical exemptions that do not necessarily pay in favor of the country at the height or level of those exemptions they receive “, warned Minister Paliza.

I remembered that there are social groups that so far have not even managed to formalizeand, of course, all those reforms that are planned also require a government commitment.

In this regard, he acknowledged that no one wants to contribute more to the system if they do not see in it that the use of public resources is respected, redirecting spending properly, ie that this revenue is used honestly and transparently.

He says the waste had more serious consequences than Covid

According to José Paliza, the disorganization and waste that the government has had in the past have more serious consequences for the country than those caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The fact is that, in addition to the pandemic and the crisis it has generated, we have encountered other realities in the direction of the state, which are probably deeper behind them than those that the coronavirus can generate,” he lamented. Presidency.

He added that this level of disorganization and waste was of such magnitude that, in the midst of the worst health crisis the country has gone through, one of the main regional hospitals such as Cabral and Báez de Santiago was remodeled by eight years.

“And this enough money was spent to build two hospitalsThis is the model of government management that we inherited “, the official lamented.

He insisted that from the simplest to the most complex they had obvious shortcomings and this led the current government to spend a lot of time organizing the house and being able to start walking.

“And that’s why this four-month trip that President Luis Abinader has to manage has been much more difficult,” he explained.

He claimed that there are a large number of institutions with double responsibilities, large accumulated debtsBoth socially and economically, and that is why it has not been so easy to manage these diseases, some of which will take years to solve.

He gave as an example the million-dollar investment made by the state in the construction of the Monte Grande dam, whose purpose is to contain the waters of the river Yaque del Sur, so that it does not continue to cause damage when it floods.

He said that, logically, its functions are to irrigate and produce drinking water for the people in its area of ​​influence, but in this work the construction of aqueducts or irrigation canals was not considered.

“Therefore, the social profitability that the project must generate is not guaranteed and these are the things we have had to deal with these four months,” he stressed.