LigaPro: Barcelona SC vs. Quito League, programs to see live the first round to the title National Championship sports

Barcelona SC and Liga de Quito will meet on Wednesday, December 23, at the Monumental Banco Pichincha Stadium, for the first final of the Pro League.

The Canaries hope to end the good line that the whites have on them in 2018; in 8 matches the whites were successful against the yellows. Record 4 wins and a draw.

With Argentine coach Fabián Bustos, the bullfighters recorded in these duels a 2-1 defeat in Quito and a draw of 2 in Monumental this season. (D)

Live programs

  • 17:15 Los Angeles
  • 19:15 Mexico City and Texas
  • 20:15 Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Miami, New York and New Jersey
  • 21:15 Caracas and La Paz
  • 22:15 Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil
  • 01:15 London and Lisbon
  • 02:15 Spain, France, Italy and Germany

Live channels

GolTV for Ecuador.