Liga MX. America makes official the departure of Santiago Cáseres

Mexico City /

After the cessation of Miguel Herrera as a strategist America, the club announced what is his first bass as a player for him 2021. Guard1anes and it’s about Argentines Santiago Cáseres.

The football player who came to Nest, from Villarreal, but failed to consolidate in the club thighs, such that They decided not to make the purchase option valid for the South American.

Caseres defended the azulcrema jacket throughout 2020, where He could only play 21 games, adding a total of 1,195 minutes, although he could not convert any goal.

Thus, eagle They are starting to purify their staff in the perspective of 2021, from where they are also expected to leave Roger Martínez and Andrés Ibargüen.