Let this highly accurate AI catch you on Spotify’s habits

The bot will ask you to sign in with your Spotify account. He promises not to post or change anything – he’s just hungry for your listening data. After processing your listening habits and asking you a few thin questions, spit out a series of medium and steady shots of precision. musical tastes.

The bot told an Engadget team member (who will remain unnamed) that “Spotify was please-read-my-manuscript-$ 60-white-shirt-local-talk-radio-bumper-sticker-bad bitch.” He informed another that their listening activity was “kombucha-brewing-too-many-feelings-BTS-is-great-please-dont-ddos-us bad.” Uch.

Displays a series of statistics, including one that indicates how basic you are. Even if your musical taste falls largely outside the mainstream, AI can say “There’s a reason no one listens to the same things as you.” Thanks, bot. Instead of simply telling you which songs you played most often, it will tell you to “listen to these songs too much.” It might signal an artist you’ve listened to often and ask if you’re okay.

Before you start looking at your shoes and contemplating the choices you made that led to these insults, remember that AI is just a little fun. That, or it’s nonsense that just doesn’t understand you.