Leo Horoscope – Friday, December 18, 2020 | Leo horoscope

Today, better than ever, you would feel that you would have some positive things at your disposal that would not even appear in your thoughts before. That is why Aquarius would be the best energy in the regency that would make you feel that you will have everything much better than before. For this, you will be able to express yourself correctly, without leaving your heads free.

You would quickly recover a new energy that suddenly dissipated like a thread. It means that, for some reason, you would get the best vibrations to make your imagination part of the reason why you succeed today. Leaving the trine regency between Mercury and the Sun can make you improve for a long time.

Forecast of the day: you would separate from some people not only because of the pandemic, but because they would have shown that they are not compatible with you, now I fight more in the face of crises. You probably had to go through a situation like this to be more selective than ever. The crescent would be the one that obviously always fills you with the best vibrations.

You would try a new relationship where love comes from and it is much more consistent with you, evil spells aside, with ample possibilities to feel that all that would appear to you would be just prosperity now. Saturn directly in Aquarius is the one that would fill you with good vibrations in these steps.


Nothing above your health, it is better to suddenly put your batteries to know that, although life is short and that vices and parties are available, at present they are not adequate. That’s why, despite being so recurrent, it would be much better to stay home.

Fearing that you will feel that your money will remain small, now you would be in better thoughts.

You would have identified your mistakes so that you could remove the financial disagreements. Eventually, the day would improve, with regency number seven.

Showing others the importance of what you do without bragging means that your confidence would have grown enormously, leaving everything unimportant to get rid of you as soon as possible. You would try to let Aquarius offer you good energy to continue on your path as before.


Couple prediction for today Friday
If you are in a couple: your partner would surprise you with good news.
If you are alone– Consider being luckier in love, being flexible.
Sexual energy level: Moderate.

Love: Signs of balance or air.
Friendliness: Leo or fire signs.
The work: Signs of balance or air.

Tolerance level: High.
Who could you get into tension with?: Stay away from an Aquarius.