Kieran Trippier has been suspended for 10 weeks for gambling

The English side Trippier denied that he participated in these activities and took advantage of it, as well as anyone around him.

The footballer Kieran Trippier from Atlético de Madrid was suspended for ten weeks without being able to participate in football-related activities for violating the established betting rules by the English Football Federation (FA).

The English side also received a fine of £ 70,000 (€ 77,000).

Trippier denied participation in these activities, which took place in July 2019, and took advantage of it, as well as anyone around it.

An independent commission examined the case and, after a personal hearing with the footballer, they claimed that four of the accusations were true and three were not.

The suspension, which must be maintained will prevent Trippier from playing in the very first round of the Champions League round of 16 against Chelsea, is effective as of Wednesday, December 23, after sending a request to FIFA.