Kicking Piojo is Azcárraga’s best decision in America: AC Santos

Mexico City /

Finally, Don Emilio became enlightened! Antonio Carlos Santos organized an extraordinary party on Twitter with him dismissal of Miguel Herrera, to the extent that it qualifies decision as “the best in Azcárraga” since he took over the presidency of America 23 years ago.

Piojo’s number one public enemy, whom he described at the time as the “biggest lie” in Mexican football and Eagles history, The former Brazilian player congratulated Azcárraga Jean on social media and even put his candidates on the table to “recover the mystique” of the azulcremes.

Juan Antonio Lunas, Cristóbal Ortega, Cesilio de los Santos and Alfredo Tena are some of names postulated by the Black Saints, all historical America during their time as footballers and who are the ones who “have the missing identification today” with the institution, which in 2020 did not add any titles and failed in the MX League when they were eliminated by Chivas and left in the Concachampions semifinals against Carlos ’LAFC Sail.

What did Miguel Herrera say after he was fired?

In the same month, a few hours after his dismissal was reported, Pădușul published a letter on social networks thanking the managers, staff and players America, although regretted “not delivering so many titles” according to the club’s requirements each semester.