Jupiter and Saturn descend on the tallest building in the world in the epic video “Great Conjunction”

On Monday (December 21), Jupiter and Saturn appeared closer in the night sky than they were in 800 years. With the naked eye, this “Great Conjunction” looked like a single massive celestial object shining above the Earth. But with telescopes – and consumer cameras equipped with telescopic lenses – the planets showed their individual faces in stunning detail as they passed through the sky.

Florian Kriechbaumer, a photographer from the United Arab Emirates, captured the celestial spectacle from one of the most shocking locations on Earth: near the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. In a large parking area opposite the skyscraper (which is 2,720 feet high or 830 meters high), Kriechbaumer filmed the conjunction for 45 minutes, capturing the moment when the two planets came closest. from each other (from his point of view).