Julio Preciado receives financial support from El Recodo after health problems impartiality

Mexico City.- Julio Preciado He had an extremely difficult year and, after a complicated fight against various health problems, he is now facing a severe economic crisis, so he did not despise the money received from Banda El Recodo.

During an interview with the program “De primera mano”, the Mexican regional music singer revealed that the crisis hit his family in the middle of the pandemic after his recent kidney transplant, for which he thanked the financial aid received. given the band he once belonged to.

“If anyone has supported me in recent months, it has been Lizárraga Family Lizárraga, the great family of Banda El Recodo, in particular Poncho and Joel. Not only morally, but also economically they helped me “, said the 54-year-old artist.

Later, Preciado assured that this help is seen in part as a reward for everything he contributed to the group at that time.

“Then you realize the real friends … this detail they had with me is like a small payment for everything I contributed to Banda El Recodo and that I didn’t tax them at all …”, he underlined the singer.

Finally, Julio Preciado confessed that, without being pessimistic, the tour he has with Banda El Recodo could be his retirement from the stage.

“I think it will be one of the last tours I will do in 2021 and 2022. I don’t think I will continue to sing, there are many people who have put strong pressure and there are other times,” he concluded.

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