Juan Osorio said goodbye to his family in the middle of a crisis

Juan Osorio, the famous producer of soap operas on Televisa, was surrounded by the current virus that commits his life to say goodbye to his whole family in the midst of immense pain. Ex din Niurka Marcos He confessed that he said goodbye to the people he loves the most and it was very difficult for him.

manufacturer Dream of love He said that in the midst of one of the seizures he had due to the virus affecting him, he was so troubled and feeling that he could leave at any moment that he decided to say goodbye to his family.

Juan Osorio revealed that he was through a door, to protect his loved ones, that he exclaimed the words he wished he had never said and said goodbye to his children, feeling that he could walk. in the afterlife at any time, as a result of Covid -19 which currently affects him.

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To say goodbye to his grandchildren, the producer used a video call and claims that his heart was broken. His father Emilio Osorio He shared that it was very painful to see how his family would not stop crying seeing that it would probably be the last time they would talk to him.

Gerardo Quiroz, a friend and partner of the producer, said a few days ago that Niurka Marcos’ ex had suffered respiratory attacks for several days and needed respiratory assistance. The health Juan Osorio It had been complicated and now he needed an oxygen tank, his friend emphasized his stable but delicate health.

Quiroz stressed that they should be positive, because, fortunately, the manufacturer has seen specialists from the beginning of the disease. He emphasized that both he and the producer’s children were aware of his health and well-being.

They point out that Juan Osorio has improved after these crises that have made it difficult for him to speak, which has worried him and the reason why he thought he would probably not see his family again.

The producer stressed that “the show must continue” and from isolation asked for support for his son Emilio Osorio and his show; In addition to emphasizing that the production of his soap opera takes place in a “smooth navigation”, and his team is ready to work even without him.

Ever since it was announced that Niurka Marcos’ ex has given positive results for Covid-19 prayers and expressions of affection were immediate, but hope began to fade when his health was complicated; In addition, being diabetic is something that has increased the concern of loved ones.

Fortunately, Osorio has shown his strength and is facing the virus; he is very confident that he will soon be working normally and will please the public.

Another character who keeps the entertainment world in suspense is Armando Manzanero. The beloved Yucatecan composer was also recently diagnosed with coronavirus, but the world was alerted when news broke that he had been hospitalized in an emergency.

As he became known, Manzanero began to feel the symptoms of the famous virus immediately after arriving home after visiting Mérida for a tribute. Carlos Cuevas pointed out that during the event Armando Manzanero looked quite healthy and without a single symptom of Covid-19; he even put on a show.

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Cuevas emphasizes that the composer must have been infected in another place, due to the incubation period, because the event had all the necessary health measures to preserve the health of those present; including mask and healthy distance.

So far these two big ones, Juan Osorio and Armando Manzanero continues to fight the coronavirus and be an example to all who are in bed in this fight; meanwhile, the show continues to pray for them to come out of this disease.