Joe Biden claims ‘foul play’ while defending son Hunter amid a tax investigation

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Joe Biden speaks out in defense of son Hunter after recent criticism
Joe Biden, the president-elect, was interviewed Thursday night by prankster Stephen Colbert and the conversation shifted to the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes.

Joe Biden, who has distanced himself from his son’s financial dealings in the past, told Colbert that he has “confidence” in his son.

“I think it’s a little mean game, but see, it is what it is and he’s a grown man,” said Biden. “He’s the smartest man I know – I mean from a purely intellectual capacity – and as long as he’s good, we’re good.”

Later, Biden’s transition team tried to clarify the comment of “foul play” by saying he was referring to Republicans who used Hunter Biden’s business dealings to attack the older Biden months before the election.

Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukrainian gas giant Burisma – where he worked $ 50,000 a month while his father was a vice president under President Obama – has been the subject of criticism from Republicans claiming to have a clear conflict of interest. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
– Graham vows to hold the media responsible for the Hunter Biden scandal
– Cotton calls on Biden to hold a press conference about the family’s business activities
– Hunter Biden associate lyrics refer to push to ‘get Joe involved’
– Trump says he has nothing to do with the current investigation

California is seeing a historic rise in coronavirus cases, the US epicenter
California, home to nearly 40 million Americans, registered 52,000 new coronavirus cases Thursday, about the same number the entire US averaged in mid-October.

The state also recorded an additional 379 deaths.

Southern California is also seeing an increase in the number of patients in intensive care, according to reports. ICU capacity in 11 counties in the region is 0%, according to Los Angeles-based KABC-TV. The report pointed out that if California were a country, it would rank third globally on a daily basis after the US and Brazil.

Two people die from the virus every hour in Los Angeles County.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford University, called the California lockdowns ineffective.

“The right approach, before the vaccine, is to work to protect the elderly. Those are the people – especially those living in nursing homes – who are most at risk of dying if they become infected with COVID,” Bhattacharya said. said. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

In other developments:
– Mike Rowe adopts the classification ‘non-essential’ employee
– Some Dems Supporting the Move to Newsom: Report
Despite precautions, nursing homes in New York are still vulnerable: report
– Omar says father died of coronavirus because of Trump’s ‘criminal neglect’

Tom Cruise’s second outburst makes it impossible to work with him?
Five members of staff have reportedly resigned from the set of “Mission: Impossible 7” after an alleged second outburst from its star, Tom Cruise.

The actor, who plays espionage Ethan Hunt in the film series, caused a furore earlier this week when an audio recording of him dressing up crew members for failing to adhere to social distance guidelines on set leaked and went viral.

“The first eruption was big, but things haven’t calmed down since. The tension has been mounting for months and this was the last straw,” a source told The Sun. “Since it went public, there has been more anger and several staff members have walked.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE

In other developments:
– Vanessa Bryant calls lawsuit by mother an attempt to ‘encourage a financial windfall’
– Amal Clooney calls husband ‘wonderfully encouraging and inspiring’
– Denise Richards talks about a public divorce from Charlie Sheen


– Chicago mayor is reviewing claim, now says staff have reported failed police raid
– Biden assistant who called GOP a ‘bunch of f —– s’ says she could have ‘probably picked better’ words
– Gowdy blows Pelosi while Swalwell stays on his Intel post
– Judge denies request to stop cleanup of Seattle homeless camp

– Coca-Cola cuts 2,200 jobs worldwide in restructuring
– Gucci joins Alibaba’s luxury e-commerce site
– IRS ensures that you disclose cryptocurrency on the latest tax form
California will lose hundreds of thousands in moves in 2020
– The US dollar is falling as a result of the Fed’s promise to keep interest rates low

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Sean Hannity, presenter of Fox News’ “Hannity,” asked why the media’s blockbuster claims against Rep. Eric Swalwell, who was one of President Trump’s most outspoken critics during the Russia investigation. Last week, Axios released a bombshell report on the California Democrat’s contact with a suspected Chinese spy.

“Imagine the outrage [that] the crowd, the media, Big Tech and the Democrats would have if he was a Republican or had the last name Trump, “Hannity told viewers. The response would be apoplectic. It would be filled with breathless hysteria every second of the day. But being a Democrat from California, he now got a free pass and still has one. The corrupt media group does not serve. we, the American people. It only serves their agenda. “

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