Joao Maleck is free, but still in prison

LOS ANGELES – The second chance is often the preamble to secondary disappointments. Today Joao Maleck knows that. Today, he is free, but still in prison.

The gates of the Puente Grande prison in Jalisco were opened on December 15, 2020, but gradually the doors of Mexican professional football clubs closed.

Malecki He was detained in prison after early in the morning, Sunday, June 23, 2019, he hit another vehicle with his car in Colonia El Colli, in Zapopan, Jalisco. According to final expert reports, he was speeding and drunk. The wrong death would be the charges, after his death Maria Fernanda Pena and Alejandro Castro.

Appearing in Santos Laguna, the footballer had been loaned to Porto and later to Seville. European clubs broke off relations with him when they learned of the disastrous events. The lagoon club registered him at FMF, Monday after he pleaded guilty.

“He sends (santos) their training routines, “he said on Twitter on November 16, Michelle Herrera, his daughter lice, Miguel Herrera, recently dismissed as coach of America, who visited the footballer from Puente Grande.

Close people Malecki claimed that the Orlegi Group, the owner santos and Atlas, guaranteed the player to put him on the field for 2021. Guard1anes, after he was released or “things got cold”.

However, so far, the former youth team selected by Mexico, has not been officially considered by any professional team in the MX League or Development League, while its representatives continue to try to find a place in MLS and Central America.

“According to the team we have today and the positions available in front, it is very difficult for her to have a place in this team,” he said. Dante elizalde, sports director of santos, to the lagoon average, although he did not completely rule it out.

However, the player is silently waiting for the suggestion of his lawyers, that a negotiation will prosper in January 2021. “I do not close the door on this option (to play in Atlas)”, said Malecki after he was released. He clarified that “this is not the time to think about it” and insisted that the prison process has entered “an immature junior and today a very different junior is leaving”, beyond assuring that he does not intend to drink alcohol again and that he is forbidden to drive. .

On 30 October 2020, a judgment was delivered against it Malecki. A court in Puente Grande sentenced him to three years, eight months and 15 days, in addition to paying 3 million pesos in damages. From that sentence, the year and a half in which he remained in prison will be reduced.

Upon finding out, his mother Maria Fernanda Peña issued a statement reprimanding the Jalisco court and the player himself. “After checking with specialized experts that you killed them because you drove the sports car with more than 193 mg / alcohol in your blood and a speed of over 188 km / h, you will be marked for life as a KILLER,” he said. he wrote Martha Álvarez Ugena-Pedrós.

“Never forget, daughter, they let him go … They spat in our face again. They mocked our pain again, “he added.

“Will you keep playing the ball like nothing happened?” Martha Alvarez A Malecki in this statement, however, insisting that he will maintain his demands to prove the corruption that, in his opinion, was the basis of the legal process.

Joao Maleck has no answer to this question yet. Those who advise him insist that he must wait until next year to appear on the public stage, in addition, he must follow a specific strategy to publicly demonstrate that he has been completely rehabilitated.

As part of it, Malecki He would try to arrange, in early 2021, a series of interviews in various media and start campaigns against alcoholism and its effects, but it is still only part of a project, seeking to improve its public image.

In addition, according to versions close to the family Malecki, the player agreed to get involved in psychological treatments and complete rehabilitation, attached to the promise he made to stop drinking.

The point of reference is another player belonging to the Orlegi group, Renato Ibarra, who managed to partially leave the whole scandalous scene of domestic violence that he lived with his partner, Lucely Chalá, who initially showed a video about that night of terror, but later dropped the accusations, induced by her father, Cléber Chalá.

The Ecuadorian player managed to generate a certain acceptance among some fans AtlasAlthough it helped the stadiums remain without an audience, so as not to be exposed to reprimands from the stands.

Malecki he knows that the first vote of approval will have to be found among the fans and later it will be less difficult for him to find a football team. He understands that on the field, several rivals would provoke him with allusions to the fatal accident he caused due to his excesses and that fans will blame him for his appearance.

In the most optimistic considerations, Joao Maleck He believes he could return to Mexican football by the second half of 2021, although he is looking for an immediate opportunity.

According to various reports, it is ensured that the person who was directly involved in helping him in the process of change, rehabilitation and rehabilitation, as well as in the search for a football team, is the sentimental partner of Diana Robles, his mother Malecki. It’s about Marco Antonio Fabian Vazquez, the father of Juárez’s player and born in Chivas, Marco Fabián de la Mora.

According to the Telediario edition in Guadalajara, a source informed him about a direct dialogue from Marco Fabian with the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, to request your intervention in favor Malecki, last January. “I will see what I can get my hands on,” the president would have replied, according to the version published by this media.

For now, on the days of absolute closure, Joao Maleck he begins to understand that he is free, but that he is still in prison.