Jennifer Hudson’s festive T-shirt receives Mariah Carey’s approval stamp

The duo recently joined Ariana Grande for “Oh Santa Claus!” – a group version for girls of Carey’s hit in 2010 The holiday team was presented in Carey Special Magical Christmas.

“I wrote ‘Oh Santa! ”For my album Merry Christmas II You, which was a kind of follow-up to my first Christmas album – we have more – and so I think it was the real event, of course, to do “Oh Santa Claus!” with Jennifer and Ari, but it was also how, how do I see this as a producer? Carey said earlier Panel of collaboration.

“How do I see these voices with different textures, what are they? Because initially, I was mixing with myself, which is one of my favorite things, but it was great to be able to work with different vocal textures and play. That’s what happened. And visually, in particular, it really feels like a girl group moment. I think we all had fun. It was the funny part about it. “