“It was very unpleasant”: Evaluna Montaner reveals that she had COVID-19

“Mr. Covid came to visit us, but I believe in the God of health,” was the tweet Ricardo Montaner posted a month ago, in which he reported that part of his family had been affected by the disease.

At the time, the artist reported that his cousin, Carlito, had lost the battle against the disease, and also ambiguously suggested that several members of his family had been infected. It is about his daughter, Evaluna Montaner, who announced that she contracted coronavirus a month ago.

In El rincón de la tribe, a podcast by Camilo, Evaluna’s husband, the artist said she tested positive for COVID-19 while in Colombia and recounted the symptoms she suffered.

It took me two days not to smell or taste, it was very unpleasant”, Evaluna explained. “My fever was about to increase one day, but I didn’t let it grow,” said the Club 57 star.

The young couple told how hard it was to be separated and without touching.

“I came from a journey of not seeing you for many days and for me that moment was extremely important when I return to you and rest with you (…), I was not so clear how the physical proximity to being able to hug you was important to me. It matters when I arrived, it was right before the Grammy, “said Camilo.

For her part, Ricardo Montaner’s youngest daughter agreed: “That moment was pretty ugly, a hug is very important to meHold my hand, sleeping together is happiness for me and I couldn’t do that in that little time, and you were here for a week in the apartment with me, with COVID-19 and I feel it was harder than being left.