In the United States, more than 50 children have been infected with covid by ‘Santa Claus’. – USA and Canada – International

A Christmas photo shoot, which took place in the state of Georgia, USA, became a source of infection with the coronavirus: more than 50 children were reportedly infected.

The event was part of the annual Christmas parade held in the town of Ludowici, located in Long County. There a couple decided to pose as mom and dad Claus, so that the children could have their picture taken with them.

As is traditional in that country, several minors sat on Santa’s lap to take the picture, but many were not wearing masks.

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Despite using the masks in disguise during the celebration, days later they started showing symptoms of covid-19. The test was performed and the results were positive.

Robert Parker, chairman of the Long County Board, said in a Facebook post that “there are countless underprivileged children who would never have experienced the joy of meeting Santa. I know them both (the couple in disguise) and I can assure you that they never would have deliberately done anything to endanger the health of the children. “

Parker, who said his children also tested positive, was concerned about the chain of infections allegedly unleashed on the day of the event.

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The parade took place on Thursday, December 10, so most of the children went to school the next day. It was until Saturday the 12th that the couple underwent the test, and the results were delivered on Sunday, the day the community was notified.

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County officials They advised the parents of the children who approached “Santa” and his wife during the parade that they would remain in quarantine for 14 days.

After the news broke, Parker told The New York Times that he has received hate speech from around the country criticizing the provincial administration for holding a large-scale event.

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As he told the media, “the local outrage is minimal” as all security measures have been taken. The children waited in line for the photo with respect to social distance and instead there was a station to disinfect their hands.

Despite the situation, Long County plans to continue planning Christmas events, Parker reported on Facebook.

There are countless underprivileged children who would never have experienced the joy of meeting Santa.

“I speak on behalf of the majority of officials by saying that We remain determined to continue with these holiday traditions to make these troubled times a little normal. My children took a picture with Santa and their smiles were bigger than every day at their school, where there is the same risk of exposure ”.

To date, Georgia has more than 541,000 infections and about 10,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus, compared to 17 million infections in the rest of the country. Also, more than 310,000 deaths have been reported in the United States.

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