Image of the NFL 2020 playoffs – week 15 standings, parenthesis, scenarios and post-season prospects

The NFL entered Week 15 with four teams qualified for the 2020 postseason. That number could triple by the end of the weekend. Five additional teams could at least win a place in the playoffs in the coming days, leaving five places left to decide in weeks 16 and 17.

Here are all the image scenarios of the NFL playoffs, along with the analysis of ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) on the likelihood of them happening, after the Chargers defeated the Raiders 30-27 on Thursday night. This post will be updated after the NFL games on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Note: X denotes a team that knocked down the playoff berth, Y denotes a team that won its division, and Z indicates a team that secured a bye in the first round.

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FPI chances to make playoffs: Caught
FPI’s chances of winning the division: Caught
The chances of the REIT to receive a pa: 92.6%

One week after winning the fifth consecutive AFC West title, the Chiefs can take advantage at home throughout this weekend’s playoffs, with a win over the Saints and losses to the Steelers and Bills. And even if they lost to the Saints, the REIT would still give them an 88% chance to eventually secure their No. 1 spot.

Remaining schedule: at Saints, vs. Falcons, vs. load