“I’m leaving sad and indebted because I didn’t receive more titles”

Miguel Herrera claimed that he is sad because he could not get more titles with the Eagles of America

MEXICO – Miguel Herrera said goodbye to America and he did not forget the Azulcrema fans, to whom he dedicated a few words, after three and a half years during which he lasted the term of Azulcrema strategist, on the second occasion as coach of the team.

“I am infinitely grateful to American fans who, thanks to their demand and support, kept me alert to succeed and were happy. I am sad and indebted because I did not get more titles,” he said.

“Pădușul” Herrera, which has had to get used to in recent weeks to become a trend in social networks, due to #Louse, said the descendants America “They will always be in my heart.”

“Sometimes I failed the test, but you, with your expressions of encouragement, motivated me to go further and achieve the goals,” he added, referring to the fans.

Miguel Herrera He also thanked the board, staff and players in the letter posted on his Twitter account.

He stressed that during his stay at Coapa, he always received signs of affection, as did his coaches, in addition to the fact that the institution and the fans deserve more championships.

The former American strategist stressed today that “life always gives revenge and I, in turn, will look for new horizons to give 100 percent as I always did.”