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FIRST: Himar González speaks for the first time about the reason for his admission

Animated, with an enormous force and eager to resume her routine little by little. That’s how I found Himar González, with whom HOLA.com spoke after the scare that forced her to spend a few days in the hospital. A complicated last stage of the year from which the meteorologist Antena 3 learned a positive lesson, namely that the immense love she received during her admission (and in the recovery process in which she is immersed) was the month between better drugs. Fortunately, the initial scare is behind us and the Canarian presenter is already preparing to meet again this weekend not only with her colleagues in the news, but also with the audience that faithfully accompanies her in her career, which returns with a decade. Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo’s partner is honest about the reasons for his admission, his recovery, his Christmas plans and his hobbies. SEE THE GALLERY -Himar, a little over a week ago you gave us the best news: you are home again! How is the recovery process going? It’s going well, pretty good. I still have treatment at home, but my body is wise and recovers every day. -What steps do you follow so that you can resume your routine soon? Listening to everything the body needs all the time and trying to give it a little more activity every day, depending on how it is. In short, setting daily goals for me so that the body reacts more, and slowly regains strength, sensations, energy. And good nutrition and hydration. I’m happy to feel so much better. -You scared us a lot with your hospitalization, what determined you to go through the hospital? Silent illnesses are the worst, because when you start to realize, it can be late. In my case, a bacterium caused a very serious internal infection, and the infection spread in the blood. Fortunately, I caught her on time. Because a day or two later and possibly, as they told me, I wouldn’t be here anymore … -What were the first symptoms of your disease and when did you decide to seek medical help? I started to feel bad at work on Sunday. And on Monday he woke up with a 40-year-old fever. I called Antena 3 following the protocol of the anti-Covid company. On the way and with all the security measures applied, they took the test and it came out negative. I couldn’t lower the fever at all. In addition, he was accompanied by many tremors and severe pain. After 24 hours without the fever falling below 40, I went to the emergency room and there, after exhaustively and quickly performing all the relevant tests, I was hospitalized in the ward for another 11 days. -Do you want to continue with regular reviews from now on or is the scare behind you? Yes, you need to continue with the revisions. I continued the treatment at home and in a week I will have to undergo medical tests and follow-up again. -Now hospital stays are full of restrictions, how did your loved ones manage to make you feel close? I was lucky. In Quirón Salud they allowed me a visit. So my dear people were able to accompany me sometimes. -In social networks you received many expressions of affection, is there a message that would have moved you in particular? There were so many … I never imagined that the news would make such an impact. They wrote to me from young to old. Each of the thousands of messages I received was special to me. Words that involved a lot of affection, affection, positivity, joy, strength … I slept very little in the nights in the hospital and I read them in those moments of loneliness and when the discomfort allowed me. They filled me. He laughed with many of them, and even cried with emotion with some. They made me feel lucky, loved and accompanied at all times. And, of course, I thank my family and friends in Madrid, the Canary Islands, Denmark … from so many places who have taken such good care of me near and far. SEE THE GALLERY – I imagine that your fellow members of the news have closely followed your evolution, how is your relationship with them? Especially with Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo, who are the ones you share the screen with. The truth is that I have to thank all my colleagues for being so attentive to me throughout the process. It was exceptional the way they behaved and how much they were expected from Antena 3. The working environment could not be better. We are a great team, very consolidated and well connected. He is lucky because we felt very good working. And, of course, with Mónica and Matías, laughter is guaranteed. -How are you going to spend Christmas and what wish do you have for 2021? I will escape to the Canary Islands for key dates to spend with my family, whom I love and miss. My wish for 2021 is multiple … after such a difficult year for all Spaniards and for the rest of the planet, a wish would not be enough for me. But the main thing for this New Year is HEALTH for everyone. Without this gift, we are nothing. -Do I stop you a lot on the street to ask you about the weather forecast? I stop frequently, but don’t ask about the weather, except rarely and jokingly. I usually stop to talk to myself and send very loving, even funny, messages. And then, asking me for a photo with them is the usual thing. -What do you like to do most when you have free time? Sports, taking a getaway if it suits me, reading, spending time with me and taking advantage of being with friends (how well they took care of me these weeks), who also with the weekend shift we go a little against the current. I sing, I love practically all music, I dance bachata because I’m in love … everything I can take advantage of and fill up, I try to do it. -Have you ever said that your parents transferred their passion for sports when you were very young, what disciplines did they introduce you to? Uff … well, I’ve been through almost everything I think. I started with rhythmic gymnastics from an early age, I went to judo, then I came to swim, to surfing (bodyboard) since I was little (this was the “fault” of my brothers who hung me), Ninjitsu, Aikido, fitness, dance, yoga … I discovered running in my late teens and I was inevitably attached to him forever. My parents are not professional athletes. But they have always maintained a healthy life, through exercise and food. And it is something I will thank you for forever. By learning it as a child, you will hardly change your habits. SEE GALLERY – Usually you do trail running, how do you prepare, what is your training routine? Now I don’t compete anymore, but I continue training for personal pleasure. It is my way of losing myself and finding myself, of filling me with energy. I always run in nature, never on asphalt. And I always combine it with gym sessions. -Is there any sport you don’t dare? I don’t think so, I would dare practically everything. I’m pretty bold. -How did you experience the closure without being able to leave home or did you do all the sports you would like? I adapt well to the circumstances that life brings us. I accept them and look for remedies, if any, or alternatives. And I start the new path by accepting and adapting to the new situation. Just before closing and anticipating what was to come, we bought a roller to train with the racing bike at home. And here we already had difficulties and a few more elements. So I did my daily roller sessions and this was my regeneration time every day. -Another passion is travel, which place impacted you the most and why? Also, to know what destination you are waiting for. I like to travel, to get lost in countries, not as a tourist, but as a local, communicating with the inhabitants of each place and finding out more about them, their region and their cultures. It is the best way to live and know a country. I usually walk around the world with my backpack. And sometimes I travel alone, other times in company. Both modes have their magic side. I couldn’t tell you which country I would stay with. I would repeat each of the multiple destinations I traveled to and the locals from whom I learned so much. Pending destinations … Many! The world is so big and so wonderful that one life does not allow us to go through it all. -Did you take your first steps as an actress, how did she appear? Well, the coincidences of life. The director of the film met me through my work, contacted me and offered me to try this experience. And I couldn’t help but accept. -Would you like to repeat your experience in acting? Yes, I am always open to options.