iFixit shares the first AirPods Max destruction

iFixit traditionally shares a detail of each new Apple product and was no different this time with AirPods Max. While it looks more like a first look at the inside of the headphones, iFixit said that the AirPods Max is not as easy to disassemble as other headphones.

As we already know, the AirPods Max comes with two 40mm dynamic drivers, two magnetic ear pads, eight microphones for noise cancellation and two H1 chips inside – one for each side of the headphones.

An X-ray of the AirPods Max revealed that Apple’s headphones have two battery cells, but both are in a single cup. iFixit noticed that there are a few joints and wires next to the batteries, but they still haven’t found the connectors to easily replace the batteries.

While the speaker units appear to be screw-protected, there are parts of the AirPods Max that contain adhesive. iFixit had to heat the headphones to completely disassemble them. “These headphones are not as easy to disassemble as they allow (or as you might expect from other headphones),” says the company.

Below you can see images showing the internal components of the AirPods Max, such as the Bluetooth chip, audio amplifier, accelerometer, and more. iFixit says it will share a deeper demolition of the AirPods Max in the coming days.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back to give you the full breath and disassembly analysis later. For now, we’ll leave them here.

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