If Santiago Baños and Miguel Herrera are fired in America, they would look for Pavel Pardo

Eliminations before Chivas in the MX League and against him LAFC in the CONCACAF Champions League, have directors America club, who would study the continuity of the sports project of Santiago Baños and Miguel Herrera, above all, because of the shapes and the “scene” with the role of lice during the breaks of the game against the Americans, causing a new lack of discipline, something for which he had already been reprimanded on previous occasions.

He Grupo Televisa football committee He has Baños and Herrera in his eyes, so there could be strong changes inside Águilas this week, and according to the Récord newspaper report, the top managers of the cream club already have the name of Pavel Pardo scheduled as one of the possible candidates to run for president. sportive.

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According to an American source, “Pável Pardo brings a good project and is a candidate”, so he could launch the invitation to the former Eagles footballer, with whom he was crowned several times in the MX League and another one at CONCACAF.

Despite the fact that Pardo was placed as a serious candidate, Pavel himself assured that at the moment he would not be interested in reaching the position, because he has several personal projects that would collide with his arrival in Coapa, in addition to the fact that he says he prefers to respect the times, because Santiago Baños was still in position.

A few years ago, Pardo started running an agency for the representation of footballers in partnership with Claudio “Piojo” López, a job that would make a “short circuit” with the role of sports president at Club América, so we will have to wait for the result to this rumor.

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