“If I tell them I don’t believe”

For years, Aracely Arambula he preferred to save the details of his love story with Luis Miguel, the father of her two children; however, there is a possibility that your relationship. to be portrayed in the singer’s bioseria, a situation that, although at first not welcomed by the actress, over time, her speech changed and, for the first time, made known how you would like to see the years you spent with the performer Unconditional. In an interview with the program wrapping, the actress talked like never before about her days with Sun, a relationship he described as spectacular and even dared to compare it with the one in which they played Jack and Rose, from the tape Titanic.

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Smiling, Aracely remembered how it was Cupid He flew them, although he did not want to give details: “It’s such a beautiful story, it was such a beautiful love story that you couldn’t believe it, it would be a story, just like that of Titanic, I say; or six, so beautiful, it has nothing to do with it, but I mean how beautiful, it’s something so beautiful, “he commented. Due to how important this relationship was for both of them, the actress expresses the desire for the plot to be very far from reality: “I would like you to say it as it is, I mean, I think it would be up to me and him, that is, when there is a couple, they have to agree to get the beautiful things, I don’t know who will do it, well, the writers and the production house, but I hope they do it very nicely if they take it out, make it very beautiful, because It was a spectacular story that, if I tell you, I don’t believe“.

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Aracely went on to reveal this Miguel and Daniel they are the result of a deep love story: “The only thing I can tell you is that my children were born out of a very great, very beautiful love“. The actress invited the reporter to remember how Luis Miguel shouted to the world that he would become a father, when the oldest of the actress’ children was on his way: “You lived it, you saw when, from his mouth, he announced the arrival of Miguel and they are very beautiful things, I have so many photos and so many things that I didn’t want the series to appear, I’d like the series to end before me, because it’s something very personal and very private, but in case they say that, make it very beautiful, as it was, as it is, but I don’t know, “he said.

For the first time, Aracely was very relaxed about the theme of the series and assured that she even understands that, for script reasons, certain licenses are granted to dramatize certain situations: “Writers always put fantasy, I’m an actress and I dedicate myself to series, so there should always be a bit of fantasy, drama and a little morbidity., especially in the series, as he did very well in the first and is such an important person then, I am very glad that all things are done well, I would like to make it beautiful“, He explained.

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The great work you have done with your children

The actress also talked about how, since the relationship with Sun when she finished, she took care of the welfare of her children, a job she does with a lot of love: “As a mother, I had the hardest work, because I was the one who took care of my children, with all the love and affection., but yes I had to jealously protect her privacyBecause I don’t want, as a mother, I think that no mother wants to expose your children and speculate and talk, that is, we all like to talk nicely about our children “, he explained.