How to Unlock Black Ops Cold War Weapons in the Middle of Season 1 Earlier

All future weapons of Season 1 of the Cold War can be unlocked early with these hidden challenges.

Three new weapons are released during season 1 of the Black Ops Cold War, but players can already unlock them.

As shown in the screenshots from Activision, the weapons that come in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are the Streetsweeper rifle, Sledgehammer and the Wakizashi blade.

Wakizashi Cold War

Each of these weapons will have a challenge to unlock them. However, these challenges can already be completed even if they are hidden in the game.

If you intend to unlock any of these weapons early, here is a warning. Complete these challenges as soon as possible, as they could be fixed at any time.

What are the weapons challenges of season 1 of the Black Ops Cold War?

There are three challenges with Cold War season 1 weapons. Each unlocks a new weapon for both the Cold War and the War Zone.

The Streetsweeper rifle requires players to do so get a series of 3 killstreak with Black Ops Shotguns Cold War in 15 different games.

In the meantime, Sledge-hammer the challenge requires players to Use the battle knife to kill 2 or more players “fast” in 15 separate matches.

Unfortunately, Wakizashi the challenge is the hardest of the three. That’s because you have to make two final moves in 10 different matches.


However, there is a catch. These challenges of Cold War weapons can only be completed in Warzone for now.

The challenges are even more difficult than usual because they are completely hidden in the game at the moment. You will not be able to track progress for them.

The easiest way to unlock the new weapons of the Cold War

Because challenges only work in Warzone at this time, the easiest way to unlock them is Robbery. This is because you can start with a custom upload.

the best load a cold war rifle and a knife are needed to complete the challenges. So, equip a Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12 primary weapon and the secondary combat knife and get started.

Hidden Weapons Loadout

Make sure you’re equipped with the Cold War Black Ops combat knife version. Progress will not matter if you use the Modern Warfare.

Once you unlock the new weapons, you can raise them to normal in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War. Use this handy guide to pick up your weapons as quickly as possible with dual XP.

In addition to these new weapons, there are some amazing skins of Mastercraft weapons that will soon come in the Cold War and War Zone.

Maybe if Activision and Treyarch spent less time on new weapons and skins, they would actually listen to what Call of Duty players have to say.

Fans of the franchise are upset by the Battles Pass challenges blocked on Warzone. There was also a very negative reaction from the fans to the new look of the fans’ favorite character.