Horoscope December 18, 2020 | Special day, full of new challenges Horoscope

The special day, full of new challenges and with them the opportunity to make all that energy that you would have blocked, to dissipate as soon as possible. For this we will have the grace of Saturn to enter directly into Aquarius, which means healing and deliverance. A trine between Mercury and the Sun, a symbol of mental purification.

The moon continues to rise to be the leader of our strengths and finally Aquarius puts his energy into dispelling doubts of any kind.

Consider yourself lucky, you could be full of good vibes if you leave only the seven who present their energy in the best way, do the same to help you eliminate any financial worries.

Signs of fire
(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Forecast of the day: a good day, despite what you wore, possibly because Aquarius is in regency, would keep you in a good energy, so you forget the world for a moment and focus in the best way on yourself . It’s time to dump her and move on.

General energy: Undoubtedly, you will receive a good help from the energy of the crescent, without more or less effort, you will make some agreements that could not be fulfilled with someone else, you will make them yourself. For this it is essential to always be sure of what you could undertake.

You would reconsider a proposal that comes from a person completely out of your trust. Especially if the proposal is about highlighting your qualities and talents. That is why the trine between Mercury and the Sun would have done a little in your energy, so you can be sure of this important decision.

In addition to what you thought, today would be a day of joy, with ample opportunities to know, that everything could be much nobler for you in terms of money.
When you talk about this point, it means that you would have the opportunity to feel more confident every day with what you do and for that today you would have the number seven that would strengthen that decision.


Earth signs
(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Forecast of the day: the fact that Saturn is directly in Aquarius, symbolizes the opportunity to reap those fruits that recently seemed impossible. That is why you will certainly do everything you can to keep nothing from drifting and to continue your journey to success as it should.

General energy: consciously or unconsciously, you would have done the right thing without thinking. Above all, if it is a conciliation between brothers or a good friend who represents you. For this, you would have Aquarius in the regency, making you feel that everything looks better than a few days ago.

Yesterday would become part of a radical and good experience to enrich your days. It means that you probably had to go through all that evil that you certainly did not contemplate, in order to have the triumph of what you would always have wanted. The crescent would be part of seeing how you change the direction of the negative towards prosperity.

Today is a good day to consider a drastic change in work, you’ve probably heard that some people consider themselves experts and criticize your steps without having to ask yourself if they really have at least arguments for it. . Therefore, without hesitation, you would make a decisive decision without having to pay attention to the mentioned critics.

Air signs
(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Forecast of the day: good time to share endless wishes to all, about prosperity and gratitude. Although it sounds trivial, it is actually recommended so that you can get the best out of yourself and do the same to feel that everything makes the best sense to be consistent with others. This is why the train between Mercury and the Sun would keep you in good spirits.

General energy: don’t forget the great benefits of always being one step ahead. Most likely, you would be a supplier today in a world of possible uncertainty.

It means that in the end you would do the same to feel happy with the way you act in crisis situations. For this you would have Aquarius, who poses with a leading sign that dilutes evil thoughts.

You would pay attention to the behavior and actions of others in order to understand the reason for their strange actions towards you.

I mean, sometimes it would be good, sometimes it would be bad, however, in this sense you could do everything possible to feel that things make more sense if you let yourself be influenced by the crescent.

Number seven is the one that is lucky to make you have a few things at hand that are rewarded. For example, if you started a project today, you would no doubt feel that you have higher values ​​than before, without having to do difficult things to move forward.


Water signs
(Cancer, Scorpio, Fish)
Forecast of the day: you would dissolve another negative energy through the crescent, which would have for you new surprises, encouragement and the ability to feel that you can overcome virtually any adversity today. It would not be so far from reality and only then could you dispel your old thoughts.

General energy: It is a good time to receive direct guidance from Saturn in Aquarius. They have come together symbolically so that you can release any suspicion that will make you believe that someone in particular is not loyal. This is why you suddenly have good thoughts on how to get rid of what does not seem right to you.

Aquarius is in the regency and there are a few things you left behind that could have a free rein to prosperity again today. In order for things not to be turned upside down, you would let everything that was, potentially harmful to you, go out of energy on a day like the present.

You probably would have done a few things to make your savings even more profitable than before. To do this, you should realize how important it is and, based on today’s number seven rule, you will know how to act correctly in what is good for you.