HOF bulletin no. 45 does not include Vizquel or Bob Abreu

ticket #45 about to Dining room from Fame does not include Venezuelans Omar vizquel us Bob Abreu under process vote or Cooperstown.

Omar vizquel and Bob Abreu are eligible to enter Dining room from Fame in 2021 para Ligi mari. However, none of them has yet met the percentage required to be immortalized in MLB.

Into the ticket #45 from vote from MLB, names are not verified or Omar vizquel us Bob Abreu. Although they have added in recent days, do not realize the percentage for Dining room from Fame.

In the “Manos de Seda” case, it was complicated after he revealed some “incidents” with his wife and a Chicago White Sox employee when he was a manager in Minori.

So far it is being added Vizquel 48.9% from vote into the ballot papers. I mean, 45-22 on the way to Cooperstown.

In case of Bob Abreu recorded only 15.6% of vote into the ballot papers. He barely added seven votes out of 45 that were revealed in MLB.

It should be noted that it takes at least 5% to continue your studies in the coming years to know if you are entering Dining room from Fame from Ligi mari or not. By now, they would be in vote following.