Here’s what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones

I heard noises Samsung’s next generation flagship wireless headphones before, but now an unreleased APK has just revealed a lot of details about what features Samsung intends to include iIn the future Galaxy Buds Pro.

The last one comes from an entrepreneur Reddit user (u / gamer0mega), which discovered information about new features and product renderings in the code in the Galaxy Buds Pro application plugin, which was not released.

Based on product renderings stored in the Galaxy Buds Pro, the following Samsung wireless headphones appear to use the same overall design as Galaxy Buds +, but with the most rounded, polished, curved plastic panels that he used on Galaxy Buds Live. Using more traditional rubber or silicone tips, Galaxy Buds Pro should provide better passive noise insulation than Galaxy Buds Live and when combined with active built-in noise cancellation –as indicated by the code in the pre-released APK—this should give the Galaxy Buds Pro ANC more performance aligns with Apple AirPods Pro or Sony WF-1000XM3 than semi-open Samsung design used on Galaxy Buds Live.

TGalaxy Buds Pro will support a number of touch controls for ANC activation, pause / playback, skipping tracks and more, with the included 472 mAh charging case, which stores a healthy amount of electricity in reserve. The potentially worrying specification is that based on the screenshots in the app, it looks like the Galaxy Buds Pro will only have 61 The mAh batteries in each bud, which is pretty much the same size as the 60 mAh batteries used in Galaxy Buds Live. In my review, I found that the Galaxy Buds Live generally lasted about 6 hours on a charge with ANC turned on, which is not bad (and slightly better than the 4.5-5 hour battery life for AirPods Pro with ANC ), but still, I was still hoping a little.

Other Galaxy Buds Pro features mentioned in the app include the ability to automatically turn down the volume or activateby sound if the buds detect a nearby conversation, independent volume control for the left and right headphones, and more settings for the ANC mode and Samsung’s ambient voice.

In addition, it seems that Samsung can even borrow Space audio function from AirPods Pro with its new 3D spatial audio setting, which allows the Galaxy Buds Pro to dynamically change the way music or videos sound depending on how you move your head. The only warning is that the APK indicates that the 3D spatial audio setting will only be available when the Galaxy Buds Pro is paired with a Samsung phone with OneUI running Android 11 or later.

Finally, based on the renderings of the products in the app, it looks like the Galaxy Buds Pro will be available in three colors: black, silver and a light purple or lavender shade that people expect to be the new hero color for Galaxy S21. Unfortunately, there is no information about prices or a version date for Galaxy Buds Pro listed in the APK, but with rumors suggesting that Samsung plans to launch Galaxy S21 in late January or early February, it is a safe bet that Galaxy Buds Pro will be available in that time, also.