Health reports 1,250 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 and the total rises to 63,075

Amidst the start of vaccination against COVID-19, the Health Department reported 1,250 confirmed positive cases of the virus this Friday, so the total of the results in this line comes out at 63,075.

The confirmed cases reported today are based on samples taken between December 2 and 16. Within that period, the day with the most registered infections is December 1, when 927 of the tests that were carried out that day were positive for the new corona virus. These results are constantly being analyzed by Health, so the figure can go up or down depending on the adjustments the agency has made to its BioPortal.

The agency also reported 147 probable cases and 961 suspected cases of COVID-19, which also resulted from samples taken between December 2 and 16.

The totals adjustments are made as part of an effort by the Department of Health, entities and clinical laboratories to ensure that every sample taken for COVID-19 is recorded in the bioportal regardless of the date it was taken Righteous health.

From elsewhere, the agency reported 10 new deaths, eight of which were classified as confirmed and two as probable. Now the total number of deaths is 1,333, divided into 1,094 confirmed deaths and 239 probable deaths.

According to the agency’s report, the deaths reported today were recorded between the period of December 3-16.

New Confirmed Deaths:

– 61-year-old woman from the Fajardo region

– 96-year-old man from the Aguadilla region

– 77-year-old man from the Metro region

– 60-year-old man from the Aguadilla region

– 67-year-old woman from the Metro region

– 81-year-old woman from the Metro region

– 88-year-old woman from the Bayamón region

– 82-year-old male from the Bayamón region

New Probable Deaths:

An 80-year-old woman from the Metro region

An 89-year-old man from the Metro region

According to the agency, the term confirmed positive case refers to infections whose result has been validated by a PCR (molecular) test. The likely case is one whose disease positive result was obtained by antigen testing. Meanwhile, suspected cases, also known as antibody results, are those that have a positive serological test and no positive molecular or antigen test.

In addition, the agency stated that a death confirmed by COVID-19 corresponds to the death of a person with one or more positive molecular tests. Probable death is the death of a patient who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 through an antigen test or whose clinical picture meets the criteria to believe he had COVID-19 but never had a molecular or antigen test to detect the virus. Suspicious death, meanwhile, refers to the death of a person where a specific antibody is detected in serum, plasma, or through a serological test using their blood.

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