“He wasn’t in my year and I trust him”

“I trust Gabriel,” said Irina Baeva, Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend (Photo: Gabriel Soto – IG)

After the scandal generated around the actor Gabriel Soto, whose film was an intimate video this month, the Televisa star was on everyone’s lips.

In Gabriel’s own words, who decided to confront the media without complexes, everything could have been a bad move by a person seeking revenge.

At least that’s how they analyzed it in entertainment programs. One of them was this week’s edition of Tell me what you know, from Telemundo, where the presenter Luis Alfonso “Lucho” Borrego explained that he spoke with several people around Soto, who could appreciate the actor’s immediate reaction.

Among Lucho’s comments, it stands out that a first group of people close to Gabriel told him that the video will be recent, but the recording will not be so new, because one could see a scar on Gabriel’s abdomen since underwent an operation in 2013.

Borrego recalled that in that year, Soto underwent surgery for a stomach ulcer and hence his idea that the material could have been recorded at the time he was healing.

“My recovery was better impossible, but obviously, due to the level of the operation and the severity of what happened, I get tired. The truth is that I feel that I was born again, being in intensive care as I was, almost 8 days, and seeing what I saw around me, I value everything in an impressive way “, he explained at that moment Television shows.

Although it is not clear if the video is from that period or is recent, the actor indicated that it was not current, although he was responsible, accepted the veracity of the material and stressed that his privacy was violated.

According to Lucho Borrego, “what he says (is that) this is revenge where his privacy is violated.”

On the other hand, the program commented that Soto “knows who he sent it to and knows where this video comes from”, so he could sue and act against that person, if he wanted to.

“Irina Baeva: Gabriel has all my confidence”

In the same Telemundo program, a short interview was presented with Irina Baeva, Gabriel’s girlfriend, who was not aware of what was happening to her partner.

The actress was intercepted at the airport and revealed that the video was not on time, so it was not for her, but she assumed it very calmly.

“Hey, no, look, the only thing I have to say about this is me, because I wasn’t in my first year, so it’s not my responsibility to talk about it. They will really ask for the right party, “he told the television show.

Likewise, Baeva added that “Gabriel was not in my year and as a partner, as a man with whom I am and whom I love, he has all my support and all my trust at this moment”.

“Well, the only thing I’d like to ask is that we all have respect for such a delicate subject, because there are two girls involved,” he said, referring to Elisa Marie and Alexa Miranda, the daughters on which the actor procreated alongside the actress Geraldine Bazán.