he scored a hat-trick and broke the record in River Plate

Rafael Santos Borré had not scored a goal for River Plate for more than a month and on Thursday avenged a hat-trick in the 2-6 victory over Nacional in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores.

However, the most significant fact of this great night of the Colombian Cup is that he overtook Lucas Alario, today at Bayer Leverkusen, as the top scorer of the Marcelo Gallardo era.

Nacional 2- River Plate 6: Jorge Carrascal and Santos Borré, adorned the victory with quality and goals

Santos Borré, 25, reached 44 goals in 123 matches on Thursday and surpassed the 41 that the Leverkusen striker and the Argentine national team have.

“22 minutes from the second half, with the match 3-2, it appeared well again to connect a low cross by Gonzalo Montiel, his main partner in the return to the goal. And here it is: the inexplicable and unusual spell of having reached Alario has been broken. Seven games and a positive Covid-19 led him to break it“But he was more exposed in the first stage of this key against Nacional when he missed a penalty”, the “Olé” newspaper declared.

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“Later, freer and more lucid, he hit the goal twice more, which is not small for him: in those plays he usually remains offside several times, but last night he avoided it very much. intelligent. Later, without the bad series backpack on top, Borré closed the hat-trick by connecting two more centers on the right (28 ‘and 35’ from ST)“Added the Argentine press.

River Plate, along with Santos Borré and Jorge Carrascal, will play the Libertadores Cup semifinal against Palmeiras of Brazil. In the other key, Santos is waiting for Racing or Boca Juniors.