Got worse? Armando Manzanero asks his family to “let him go”

Armando Manzanero (Photo: IG Armando Manzanero)

On Thursday, December 17, singer and songwriter Armando Manzanero was hospitalized for Covid-19. Since his medical closure, his family has had to deal with rumors about his death and other information circulating about the Yucatecan’s health.

The musician’s daughter, María Elena Manzanero, shared with the press that her father’s mood had not changed and, according to her, the singer was never fatalistic in the face of illness or trying to communicate her last will and testament.

But on Tuesday, in an issue of the magazine TV and Notes It was revealed that Armando Manzanero spoke to his family to ask them to “let him go.”

The magazine interviewed a “friend of Don Armando” who said that the musician, scared of breathing difficulties, said goodbye to his wife and children through a video call.

“He didn’t hesitate to talk to them quickly and tell them how much he loves them … plus he made a very special request. […] He asked them not to intubate him if his health worsened, because he would not want to go through that situation “, said the source close to Don Armando TV and Notes.

According to the same interview, the singer’s family tried to convince him not to rule out the option of being intubated, although so far they have not had to make a decision about it.

María assures that she herself said that they took her mobile phone with which they maintained communication with him.

“He is calm, he is a very positive man. Yesterday they had to put him on his side, because he does not oxygenate very well, but today he oxygenates at the age of 94, which is very good “, he said on Monday for the production of the program. Winding.

The day after he was hospitalized, Armando Manzanero was stable and with oxygen-assisted ventilation. Until now, the musician has been in constant communication with his daughter. On the other hand, his family and doctors have been extremely careful with him, especially because of his age and the advanced diabetes he suffers from.

“Home care was no longer enough … I felt I couldn’t breathe and I was guided by the oximeter. He arrived on foot, went down the stairs of the house and I came in the family car “, said María Elena Manzanero.

The singer’s daughter pointed out that, so far, Armando is the only member of her family who has tested positive for coronavirus.