Get moving, eat well … That’s how an eSports star trains

Sports are growing nationally and globally. In Spain, 5.5 million people follow them regularly and 250 million worldwide. The events of these video game contests rivals other popular sports disconnected

Even in the pre-academic world, these competitions have managed to occupy places such as the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona or Ifema in Madrid. During the closing, they maintained their popularity due to online events that allowed their loyal fans not to miss a bit of the emotion it generates.

This popularity translates into a strong media impact. For example, at the end of the year League of Legends (one of the most popular multiplayer titles) was followed by 200 million people worldwide in 2018 and was broadcast in 19 languages. By comparison, that year’s Superbowl had half the audience.

70% of eSports fans also play online, competing with others played

This extensive monitoring of eSports has attracted brand attention over the past five years and 75% of revenues come from sponsorships and broadcasting rights. In total, in 2020, they were 950.6 million dollars, according to Newzoo consulting. Tickets and merchandising are added to the rest of the large turnover generated by these activities.

Also, the spectators are not limited to a passive role. 70% of eSports fans also play online, competing with others played. In fact, for many young people it presents itself as a future career option. But it’s not enough to play your favorite video game for many hours and reach the top of the leaderboard in every multiplayer game.

Actually, These eSports stars have more in common with other athletes than the cliché might reveal at first.. First of all, we need to get rid of the image of someone lonely who has become a “crack” in video games because he limited himself to spending hours and hours in front of the screen, handed over to a sedentary life without moving.

It shouldn’t sound so weird. After all, chess and motor sports are considered sports and are also practiced as eSports. But they all require intense training. If you notice the work routine of a team played professionals, it is used to find among personal coach for physical trainers and psychologists, among other professionals specialized in topics related to physical training.

Professional eSports players spend many hours sitting down and need a series of exercises to avoid injuries

This growing interest in sports training among players is due to the fact that video games can be very demanding from a physical point of view. It is true that you have to spend many hours sitting, practicing to improve. This circumstance implies a high postural load. Also, excessive use of keyboards, or mice game pads May cause joint problems from sudden and forced movements.

To cope well with these circumstances and reduce the risk of injury to the back and joints, professional players need good physical condition and learn appropriate ergonomic postures.

In addition to injury prevention, the industry recalls that these professional players, in order to perform at the highest level, They need to be on top of their physical, mental and psychological faculties. Video games like him FIFA, Pro Evolution or League of Legends They require mental agility, hand-eye coordination, spatial vision, visual and auditory acuity, good reflexes … It is also appreciated to have multitasking ability and know how to perform under pressure, because video games require processing a volume great sensory information. All these aspects are worked with a good preparation.

To extend these good practices among played aspiring to be professionals and those who simply enjoy the hobby, League of Professional Videogames (LVP) and Fundación MAPFRE have launched the campaign
Feel good – Play better

. Both entities have set themselves the goal of promoting the habits that are part of the work routines of these top-level e-sports teams.

Habits recommended to a player can be summarized in three pillars: adequate rest, healthy eating and constant exercise. From here, routines can be established that will clearly influence the health of the person concerned.

Rest and sleep periods should be established to ensure a good recovery and to avoid various ailments.

As for breaks and rest, they must be adequate in quantity, quality and regularity to ensure a correct recovery. It is recommended to start by taking a break every hour of play, more or less. This first level of rest should be used to stretch your legs around the room and the house.

It is also a good time to let your screen view And if you can fix it at a remote point, it would be perfect. At a second level, do not forget the importance of a dream. It is convenient to sleep about eight hours a day, with bedtime and getting up as regularly as possible.

When it comes to food, there are professional teams with chefs and nutritionists to prepare healthy diets. The recommendation is drive away fast food, which can be very easy to fall into if you want to do a long video game session.

From the campaign Feel good – Play better, is recommended for amateur players longer breaks that coincide with the main meals of the day, and so you can dedicate enough time to them. It is also advisable to plan your purchase and even the weekly menu. In addition, the MAPFRE Foundation and LVP emphasize that it is important not to taste between meals and, in particular, unhealthy foods.

As for the third pillar, the exercise. At least, it should be half an hour of moderate physical activity a day. It is convenient to include several types of activities, such as aerobic training: running, walking at a good pace, cycling … But you should also think about strength routines with training plans designed to improve muscles of the neck, shoulders, back …

It is recommended to do at least half an hour of moderate exercise a day

A first clear objective of these activities is reduces injuries due to staying for long hours. They can be conditions such as back pain or sore throat, among others.

In addition to bodybuilding, it is also recommended in the campaign Feel good – Play better Take into consideration Postural control. These are exercises that help avoid or correct defects when standing in front of a screen. Good warm-up and some stretching are also recommended before and after the game session, respectively.

All this physical work must also be strengthened with they have good furniture. Chairs, tables and other accessories must be adapted to the specific appearance of player to reduce the risk of injury.

If you want to see a specific example, the members of the Spanish team of played Giants do physical training five times a week. It focuses on postural correction as well as strengthening the arms and chest. Meanwhile, other players complete their training with meditation sessions or other activities mental health
to increase mental preparation.