Gabriel Soto victim of a scandal for a compromising video Famous

Mexican actor Gabriel Soto seemed to have moved away from scandals, after three years in which an infidelity and his divorce of Geraldine Bazán, they had kept him in the public arena, but in the last hours, a compromised internet video that looks like someone very similar to the 45-year-old piece, completely naked and masturbating.

It is not known who circulated the intimate recording about which Gabriel Soto did not comment at the beginning of this month, December 21. It is also not known if it is a digitally modified video to affect the file in any way the lover of the Russian actress Irina Baeva.


What is a fact is that the video in question shows a person with tattoos identical to those of the actor “Alone with daughters”. The man, whose face looks very similar to Gabriel Soto’s, masturbates in a room.

The video, which in Twitter it has been disseminated in up to 7 parts, it does not show any crime, but it could be constitutive of one. If he had been genuine and leaked without the actor’s consent, he would have seen his private life violated and could sue everyone was responsible. In the case of a montage, you could sue those who stood behind this action that damages your reputation. In any case, Gabriel Soto is again affected by a media scandal.

All this appears in a moment of happiness for the actor, who for the first time after his controversial divorce, is responsible for the Christmas party with his two daughters, Elissa Marie and Alexa Miranda, aged 11 and 6, the result of his marriage to Geraldine Bazán.

Gabriel Soto did not publish much in his networks, but Irina Baeva posted memories about the traditional Christmas inn they celebrated as a family on Saturday, December 19th. It was very special for the Russian actress, because she managed to hit the piñata and boasted about it on Instagram.

The 45-year-old actor is currently working on the soap opera ‘Do you remember me?’, which in Mexico has a release date of January 18, 2021. In this project he plays Pedro Cáceres, a man related to a marriage for convenience.