Gabriel Soto spoke about his viral intimate video: “Enjoy …”

Gabriel Soto responds to his intimate video (Photo: Gabriel Soto – IG)

It was not an easy Monday for Mexican actor Gabriel Soto, after an intimate video of him went viral today on social media.

Irina Baeva’s boyfriend, in the middle of the scandal, decided to take the bull by the horns and respond to what happened to the video, while asking for help from the press to disseminate his answer.

The actor from Televisa has become a trend on social networks, after this clip of a very personal exhibition in which he “gives” and his voice is surprised.

Despite the uncomfortable moment, Soto preferred to answer almost immediately and give his opinion on the matter.

“Hello everyone, how are you? Well, what can I say, another line to the tiger. I’m not going to talk too much about it, all I want to tell you is that I feel very vulnerable because of the way I -privacy was violated and to clarify that this happened many years ago, “he said.

Concerned about how this might affect his family and partner, he assumed totally responsible behavior and asked the media for support to address the issue.

“I am fully responsible for this issue and I want to ask my friends in the media for all their support to treat this with the utmost care, to ensure the well-being and integrity of my daughters and my partner,” he said. referring to the two beautiful girls he had with his ex, Geraldine Bazán, and his current girlfriend, Irina Baeva.

But with the publication, there were comments in support and also from many who strongly recommended that he denounce the author of the broadcast. “Remember the Olympic law that many of us fought for. If you know who he was, you can report him, “a follower warned.” Ask who you sent it to and who spread it. People have to learn, “someone else wrote.

In this regard, it should be noted that the Olympia Law was approved earlier this year in Mexico and made it a crime to share intimate materials without permission to protect both women and men from this terrible violation of people’s privacy.

So, his followers most affected by this situation were in solidarity with the actor. The victims of these episodes suffer serious consequences in their family and professional environment, even affecting their mental health.

Despite the messages of support, the memes did not wait on Twitter, especially to humorously reflect the bitter drink of the Televisa star.