Fujifilm launches a Nintendo-themed Instax printer

Fujifilm and Nintendo have announced a new collaboration. The camera company is launching a new Switch-themed version of the Instax Mini Link photo printer, as well as a new app designed to allow you to edit Switch screenshots and print them on Fujifilm’s Polaroid-style Instax film or add characters Nintendo in your photos.

You can transfer screenshots from the Switch to the new “instax mini link for Nintendo Switch” application with a QR code. The application contains filters and 59 new frames from games as well Super Mario, The passage of animals, and adequate enough the future We Pokémon Snap. Here are some of the frames:

The actual hardware of the printer itself is identical to the existing Instax Mini Link, but it comes in a Switch-inspired red and blue finish and there is a package with a truly adorable Pikachu silicone case.

Fujifilm says the app and printer will be released on April 30. The special edition Mini Link will cost $ 100, while the Pikachu case package will sell for $ 120 later in May. The application will be downloaded for free and will continue to work with existing Instax Mini Link printers.