Four Ways to Maintain a Healthy Diet During the Holidays

One of the aspects that continues to be important at this time of celebration and in front of the panorama caused by Covid-19, is the food.

In a survey conducted by Herbalife Nutrition, 61% of those surveyed said they deserve to enjoy these holidays more than in other years, due to the stress experienced; while another 53% said they made less healthy decisions in an attempt to feel better and accept that the holidays will be different this year.

In accordance with Susan Bowerman, Nutrition expert, although it is good to pamper yourself during the holidays, it is not good to throw them all away, as it could lead to unnecessary weight gain and increased anxiety for the next year.

Bowerman has offered a number of ways you can satisfy your cravings without neglecting your health this holiday season:

  • Eat snacks. Snacks can have several purposes: a nutritious and balanced one can help maintain energy between meals and control appetite, so you can eat less. However, stressful situations can often motivate us to eat unnecessary or stressful snacks to get rid of the negative feelings we experience. For this reason, it is important to eat snacks before party gatherings or even bring protein-rich snacks, such as a handful of unsalted nuts or a protein bar. Strong, crunchy foods can also help relieve stress by working tight muscles in the jaw; so try a handful of almonds, soy or carrots.
  • Stay hydrated Water is essential for the absorption of nutrients. Sufficient water must be consumed so that the body can properly digest food, deliver nutrients to the cells and eliminate unnecessary substances from the body. The immune system also depends on a well-hydrated body. It is also possible to hydrate with other fluids in addition to water.
  • Prioritization of proteins and vegetables. At parties, many dishes are high in calories and have few nutrients and vitamins that the body needs. One way to avoid unhealthy meals is to add more protein and vegetables to your dishes and reduce carbs and fats. Protein-rich foods such as meat, chicken, eggs and legumes create satiety, in addition to providing B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc and magnesium.
  • Selectivity with sweets. Sweets and delights are inevitable at parties, but it is important to choose well. Unfortunately, many sweets can have a high caloric cost, which is counterproductive for maintaining a healthy weight. You don’t have to cut them completely, but you should try to limit yourself to eating small portions of those special delicacies that you only consume during the holidays.

According to the nutrition expert, all these tips give rise to the feeling of well-being during the holidays.

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