Fortnite adds a free “Wakanda Forever” emote

Starting Today, Fortnite has released a bunch of “Wakanda Forever Challenges” to all players, and the prize is the wicked emotion of Wakanda Forever – a tribute to the actor who played King Wakandan, Chadwick Boseman, who died earlier this year.

Players who complete the challenges before January 12 will receive free emote. Fortnite Insider has priority in terms of challenges:

– Play matches (10)
– Survive opponents (500)
– Play Duo or Squad matches (5)

The emote may not be the only gift related to the Black Panther that Fortnite players receive. In a cryptic emoji tweet, Fortnite’s Twitter account suggested what it might be like to add new characters, including a black cat:

What characters do you think these emojis correspond to? Tell us in the comments below!