Find out which vaccination phase you belong to after updating the Health Table

Dennis Jones / Metro Puerto Rico

Currently, the government is running Phase 1A to move on to 1B, 1C and 2

By metro Puerto Rico

Wednesday December 23, 2020 at 3:50 PM

Dennis Jones / Metro Puerto Rico

The Department of Health today shared the updated table showing the stages of vaccination that correspond to Puerto Rico and are already starting to be implemented.

In the phase 1A currently running include only:

  • Health workers: public and private hospitals – CDT, IPAs and 330 centers – Public health response to COVID-19 – Dialysis services – Hospices – Health workers not working in hospitals.
  • Employees and residents of long-term care institutions: public and private.
  • Employees and participants with intellectual disabilities: centers for intellectual disabilities and homes (by order of the court).

Phase 1B:

  • People aged 65 or older who do not live in a composite environment.
  • Frontline workers: Medical emergencies – Firefighters – Police – Emergency management – Correction and state guard – Production workers – Postal services – Public transporters – Food chain (processing, supermarkets and ports) – Education system.

Phase 1C:

  • People with chronic illnesses aged 16 years and older.
  • People in prison.
  • People with Disabilities.
  • People in shelters.
  • Spiritual auxiliary personnel: priests – pastors – pastors – chaplains.
  • Students from universities or colleges.
  • Staff working in restaurants.
  • Employees of other essential services: Federal, state and municipal employees – Electric Power Authority – Aqueduct and Sewer Authority – Communications – Waste disposal.

Phase 2:

  • People aged 16 years and older with no history of chronic illness.

The first regional vaccination center opened today

The Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum in Hato Rey was the first regional vaccination center to open on the island, and vaccination capacity had already been reached by noon.

The vaccination event will only take place tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday at the above location for health workers who do not work in hospitals.

General José Reyes confirmed that other regional vaccination centers will open next week.

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