Fernando Tatis Jr. signs the contract to be a Gatorade figure

The San Diego Padres player, Fernando Tatís Jr. I agree to a branded contract Gatorade to become figures both inside and outside MLB.

Besides the fact that the parents are talking about an extension of the contract after seeing the talent Jr. Farm. explodes in 2020, those of Gatorade They saw that Tatis Jr. was attracting the attention of many people and they would not let him pass.

According to Héctor Gómez, the executive director of Gatorade he had a few words about the Dominican Fernando Tatis Jr.:

“Bolt24 breaks some new rules for us, and Fernando is a guy who writes his own rules of the game.”

Here is the report:

We must remember that in addition to being one of the best players in MLB, Fernando Tatis Jr.. It is one of the ones that attracts more fans, meaning that baseball usually has money off the field.

Some teams sign players not 100% convinced of their talent, but for the simple fact that they attract many fans to their stadiums.

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