Feature film “April: The Trench of Honor” available on YouTube

On the occasion of the fifty-sixth anniversary of the war in April 1965, the feature film “April: The Trench of Honor” by filmmaker René Fortunato is available on his YouTube channel Videocine Palau.

Fortunato recalled that this internationally acclaimed documentary is a reconstruction with images and sounds from the time of the most important events of the war.

“These include the Battle of the Bridge, the attack on the Ozama Fortress, the US military intervention, the attack on the National Palace and the attacks on June 15-16, and many others,” he said.

The famous Dominican filmmaker said that in the aforementioned documentary are the speeches of Colonel Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deño, leader of the constitutionalist revolution, the popular demonstrations against the US military intervention and the negotiations that ended the conflict in September 1965.

The award-winning filmmaker emphasized that the documentary feature film “Abril: La Trinchera del Honor” premiered in October 1988 in four well-known cinemas: Cine Triple, Cine Doble, Cine Bolívar and Palacio del Cine. Later in 2005 a new, enlarged, corrected and enriched version was made with new images. This is the version that is now available for free on the net.

The filmmaker emphasized that on his YouTube channel, the public can see other works of his authorship on the April War, while inviting those interested in knowing little-known aspects of Dominican history to subscribe to Videocine Palau.

Among these videos are “Constitutionalist Macorisanos”, 55 minutes long, about the Petromacorisanos who took part in the April Revolution on the constitutionalist side; APRIL: 40 BIRTHDAY, commemorative report of the 40th anniversary of the April war, made in April 2005. This report has the special participation of: Héctor Lachapelle Díaz, Rafael Mejía Lluberes -Baby-, Dante Canela Escaño, Teresa Espaillat, Aníbal de Peña, Marino Almánzar, Néstor Pimentel García, Luis Manuel Rojas Sanabia, Sagrada Bujosa, Manuel García German, Manuel Montes Arache, Miguel Ángel Muñiz Arias, Claudio Caamaño, Brunilda Amaral, Euclides Gutiérrez Félix, Wellington Ascanio Peterson La Peters, Joseús de La Peters , Víctor Bisonó, Edmundo García, Tomy Núñez, Antonio Serrata and Mario Hernández, among others.

Also available on the Videocine Palau channel on Youtube “April: 50th Anniversary”, 20 minutes long and made in 2015; “Abril, in Parque Independencia de SD” and “Abril, in Parque Duarte de SPM”, both of three minutes.

At the end of the conflict, Colonel Francis Caamano traveled to London, England to hold the post of Military Attaché at the Dominican Embassy. About his stay in that city is the report “Caamano in London. The Hero’s Life in the English Capital ”, published on February 16, 2021, lasting 25 minutes. Two months later, it already has more than a hundred thousand views (101,090).