FBI alert for Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine scams

Scams have already been reported in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warns.

  • 12/17/2020
  • 15:52 hours.

fraud during pandemic they are nothing new and vaccine of Pfizer, recently authorized for emergency use in some countries, such as Mexico A US, it looks like you’re going to have that problem.

He United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of US warns that some of the resources used by thieves during health emergencies sonny fraudulent antibody tests, non-certified medical care, scams on behalf of charities, phishing and sale of medicines and false vaccinestherefore, the population is required to be alert to any suspicious behavior during the pandemic coronavirus.

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It is possible black market from vaccine of Pfizer?

It may or may not be there in the end, because while the government of some nations trusts its people, there are countries where complaints and reports of strange situations have already begun to be received.

CNN reports that you have received a letter from FBI where it indicates that complaints have been reported from persons benefiting from the public interest in vaccines against coronavirus to request personal data.

“They continue to exploit the pandemic to their advantage. They use people’s interest in vaccines to solicit and obtain personally identifiable information and money through various schemes,” the portal said.

The situation did not go unnoticed by FBI, which reported some methods that thieves have used to deceive people in these pandemic months:

+ On June 9, FBI warned that pandemic It has served to increase the number of fraud schemes, whether it is healthcare, banking, care for the elderly, stimulus and / or government elements.

+ Days later, on June 26, he warned of possible fraud in antibody tests: “These people are selling antibody tests for coronavirus who are fraudulent and / or unapproved who may give false results and also seek personal information that may be used for identity theft, “he said on the occasion. FBI.

+ In October, the investigation office indicated that people should be vigilant, as a possible charitable fraud associated with pandemic: “take advantage of the intention to help the people they have and fraudulently solicit donations for groups, areas or people who have been affected by coronavirus. With this move, they take the opportunity to steal personal information or money, “he warned FBI.

Even Immigration and Customs Control Service of US is already preparing for what they have called “an increase in anticipated fraud by treatment-related criminal networks covid-19 and vaccines against coronavirus“.

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“It is unlikely that there will be a black market of vaccines in Mexico “: Cuts Alcala

On November 28, during the press conference on coronavirus situation in Mexico, director general of health promotion, Ricardo Cuts Alcala, on the possibility of generating a black market into the Mexico with vaccine of Pfizer and the specialist considered “minimal” the chances of this happening in our country.

“I think that the need for vaccination in all countries makes us program very well, to think well about distribution, who handles vaccines. I think vaccine that there would not be a high probability that a black market this vaccine of Pfizer“, he showed Cuts Alcala on that occasion.

We must remember that on December 11, Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) reported that the emergency permit had been granted vaccine of Pfizer for use and distribution in Mexico.

Something will happen in Mexico as what it already warns FBI into the US?