Fantasy Football Booms, Busts: Week 15

Week 14 of the NFL season brought many ups and downs for fantasy managers who wanted to advance to the playoffs. Whether it was surprising inactive announcements due to Covid or sustained injuries, players who declared themselves inactive on social networks or your defender who leaves in large portions of the game to handle some business in the bathroom, managers had a lot of obstacles to get through. But at the end of the day, much of what we saw throughout the season remained the same. The ranking at each position was filled with your typical household name at the top, but it also mingled with those long photos that took advantage of great matches. Cam Akers Breakout (21.4 FPPG) took over much of the discussion over the weekend. But players like Baker Mayfield, Drew Lock and Mitchell Trubisky were all the ones who finished QB1 last week talking about the parody we still see in fantasy football in 2020.

Look for this to continue again as we enter the semifinals round in most fantasy leagues. If your list has been built right up to this point, you will have fewer questions to answer on game day. For the most part, your starting range should be set, but there will be those moves that should be made depending on the matches. Young people like Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa are starting to find their way, which could make for an interesting start. But now you also have the constantly evolving QB situation for the Saints, as Drew Brees is close to returning, leaving Taysom Hill (a viable QB1 for weeks) as a later thought in the groupings. The revolving door in the rear position also continues to be a headache for managers, with drama surrounding players such as Christian McCaffrey and Joe Mixon, who appear to be closer to closing instead of playing. The injuries we see every week play an even bigger role for managers, and week 15 is no exception. With potential holes in starting lineups, matching games are essential. Because when you win or go home, the fewer mistakes you make with the teams means a better chance of advancing to the championship round in your fantasy playoffs.

With all these moving parts, fantasy managers need to have more confidence in matching decisions than ever before. This is what we do here for you with Woos and Boos for Week 15. We rob players who are usually under the radar, but who could shine with plus matchs. While Boo is the ones we start weekly, who might be prepared to disappoint as they face difficult situations.

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Week 15 Alas

Jared Goff Vs. New York Jets

Goff has played the role of “Jekyll and Hyde” in this position since Rams’ Week 9 bye. Once every two weeks there was a final QB1, while the other he was largely useless to fantasy managers. He is in the top 10 in position in both attempts (475) and yards (3,499), but is 17th in passing scores (18), which shows his inefficiencies that can sometimes be insane. But look for that not to be the case in week 15, as the Rams will face a secondary Jets that is the worst in the league in the last four games (25.51 FPPG) and handed out an astonishing 12-point score in that period. If you have any questions about the initial QB heading into the weekend, Goff might be worth a look as a streamer.

JK Dobbins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Although use in the Ravens backfield continues to be a headache, Dobbins proved to be quite consistent with three straight finishes in the top 20 in position. The yard has not yet come (the top game of 71 meters), but he scored in every game, which brings a smile to the face of the fantasy manager. It may not offer much in terms of value in PPR formats, with only 17 receptions on 22 targets, but with a real average yard per carry of 4.8 (fourth in the league), it shows that it is about to do great things in this area. offense. In week 15, he will see an excellent match against a Jaguars defense, which was one of the worst in the league in the last month (31.90 FPPG). Dobbins should be viewed as an RB2 with a strong RB1 potential in this game if he sees an increase in usage.

Jerry Jeudy Vs. Buffalo Bills

After a strong stretch in the middle of the season (40 goals in weeks 8-11), Jeudy withdrew quite a bit, as he fought the painful wounds. Not to mention Drew Lock’s inconsistent piece, Jeudy woke up as a thought later on the benches in virtually all formats. He remains in the top 6 in both the airfields (1,229) and the deep targets (22), which could come into play in this week’s match. In week 15, he will face a secondary of Bills, who has been very friendly with the opposing disputes in the last four games (39.90 FPPG). Add the positive scenario for this offense of Bronco facing Bills, they will probably play from behind, which could lead to an increase in opportunities for Jeudy. He is a prime player as a player you should consider starting as a WR3 this week and could provide a safe floor for others in your range.

Jared Cook Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Consider this as your long game of the week. Cook has risen from the grave in the last two games, with three receptions and a score in weeks back. His statistical line in the season is very similar to that of Cook, ranking 25th in receptions (28), but is fifth in score with six TDs per year. I expect to see him again in the final zone in week 15, while facing a boss defense that allows 24.93 FPPG to occupy the position in the last four games. The Saints could be behind in this game, adding more value to the passing game. While the potential return of Drew Brees could be a great success for Cook’s value in this game, giving him the solid potential to extend the TE1 series to three games.

Week 15 Angry

Tom Brady @ Atlanta Falcons

On paper, this match seems to be a potentially high-scoring week for Brady and the Buccaneers’ offense. But hold the phone on this notion. Brady has had several TDs in four consecutive games, but revenue has risen as the offense has been somewhat inconsistent. Strangely, he ranks in the top QB of the league in both the airfields (4,397) and the red zone trials (75), helping his cause to maintain its weekly value. But this week, the Bucs are on their way to face a Falcons defense that is not as soft as when they were in the early stages of the season. In the last four games, the Falcons have allowed only 16.51 FPPGs in position. Making this a little harder than it appears on paper. Brady will still be in your range, but should be looked closer to a low-end QB1 in week 15, as opposed to a top star.

Chris Carson @ Washington Football Team

Since returning from injury, Carson has been a key element in the fantasy range, with three solid straight performances and a TD in each. His fast odds leave fantasy managers wondering (50.4%, ranking 28th), but his 17.5 FPPG places him seventh in the league and more than makes up for it. This week, he will probably face his toughest test against the Washington football team’s hot defense. In the last month, that defense allowed only 14.15 FPPGs to opposing RBs. Add the rotation with Carlos Hyde and you have a hill hard to climb for Carson in this match. He’s a hard player to play, especially during the playoffs, but if you have another player with a better game, it can be the clever move to pull the trigger.

Terry McLaurin Seattle Seahawks

When you think of Terry McLaurin you think of one of the best receivers in the game today. But recently, this has not correlated with fantastic success, as he has not finished in the top 20 in this position since Week 9. With only four receptions on 12 targets in his last two games, he hit a bit hard. Look for this to continue against a secondary Seahawks that has been much improved over the unit we saw at the beginning of the season. In the last four games, the Seahawks allow only 21.28 FPPGs to have oppositions, ranking them at the top of the league. Add the question marks to the QB position with a defeated Alex Smith, the trouble for McLaurin could continue at the worst possible time for fantasy managers.

Dallas Goedert @ Arizona Cardinals

Similar things could be said about Dallas Goedert in the last two games, as he failed to produce TE1 numbers in every game. Fighting from the Eagles attack that came under Carson Wentz led to a relegation as the team installed Jalen Hurts as the new QB for the team. This is likely to affect Goedert the longest, as opportunities will continue to stagnate if the phone hurts below the center. Now heading into Week 15, he will face a cardinal defense that has been very strong against the position in the last four games, giving up just 9.40 FPPG. It all adds up to a disappointing game for Goedert, making him a player you should consider making a more favorable match.

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