Évole suggests the team Messi will play for after he leaves …

The immediate future of Leo messi It is one of the issues that worries Barcelona the most so far. The Argentine star already wanted to leave last summer after the catastrophic way to end the season and, since she failed in that attempt to change the scene, she is silent about her future. However, it seems that this will not be the case in his next interview with Jordi Évole.

In one of the previews issued in Sixth -the full interview will be broadcast next Sunday at 21:25 in the Iberian Peninsula- it seems that Jordi Évole asks Leo Messi: “When you say you want to live in Barcelona again, do you mean you will leave?”. This sequence, of only a few seconds, alarms Barcelona fans both because of Messi’s previous and next answer, which have not yet been revealed.

In addition, Jordi Évole himself appeared on the microphones of “Carrusel Deportivo” from Cadena Ser and explained that, during the interview, Leo Messi commented on his future intentions, which surprised the interviewer. “He told me about very specific plans for the future. He told me how he wants it to end and that surprised me.”The journalist said about this Sunday’s special.

Jordi Évole also explained how the interview could be given, which began to take place in a state of alarm and took place a few days ago. “In a state of alarm, we asked him. Discreetly and humbly, he told us that there was no one to talk about what was happening, but we agreed to talk later. That’s where I went.” he said.

Regarding the fact that he has a figure like Leo Messi in front of him, considered by many to be the best player in history, Jordi Évole explained that he tried to get to know the Argentine in depth. “I went without an instruction manual. We know very little about Leo Messi and my intention was to meet him. It was very important for me to know what is behind the crack. We got to have a discussion rather than an interview, “he said.

During Jordi Évole’s passage through Carrusel Deportivo, the collaborators wanted to ask themselves what Leo Messi had told him about his future and José Antonio Ponseti tested whether Inter Miami could be the team chosen by the Argentine star for the future. “Turn on the TV on Sunday: you aim very well …” replied the journalist from La Sexta, who gave up the fact that the American club could be chosen.

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